Do all the bad and all the good?After shooting three poisoned arrows at China, Britain wants to do business with China again

2022-04-24 0 By

Even before the Opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics, major Western countries have collectively denigrate the Games, and their core rhetoric is the use of human rights issues, organized and systematic interference in China’s internal affairs, as a close ally of the United States, the United Kingdom has been particularly active in this process.Britain’s parliament has passed a resolution calling on the British government to strengthen economic and trade ties with Taiwan, especially security cooperation, and promote greater international recognition of the island, media reported Wednesday.Although the resolution does not have any legal binding force, it is undoubtedly a serious damage to China-UK relations. Therefore, the spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy in the UK made an immediate response, expressing firm opposition to the British Parliament’s action and urging the British government to abide by the One-China principle and avoid creating new obstacles to bilateral relations.In fact, in recent period of British politics to blow the “resistance” agitation, involved it is not just a matter of the Taiwan strait, such as the country’s well-known media, “sky news” is blatantly provide promotional platform for overseas critical fear separatist group, spread false news, xinjiang and to our country in order to maintain regional peace and stability in the frontier of doing the malicious slander.Moreover, as a member of the so-called “Media Freedom Coalition”, the UK has grossly interfered in Hong Kong affairs and smeared and framed the local police’s normal law enforcement activities.He even tried to put pressure on Korea by invoking the ineffective Sino-British Joint Declaration, which had already been implemented.It is not hard to see that the above actions have seriously violated the important political commitments of China and the UK, such as mutual respect for sovereignty and non-interference in internal affairs, and seriously undermined the principles of international law.However, after the three “poison arrows” of Xinjiang, Taiwan and Hong Kong have been launched and the three one-two stroke of retaliation against China, the UK has changed its mind and intends to seek economic and trade cooperation with China. It wants to do all the bad things and take all the benefits. How can there be such a reason?Prime Minister Boris Johnson is planning to restart trade talks with China, which have been stalled for years, while the Department for International Trade is also seeking ministerial talks with China.In fact, ministerial talks between China and the UK have been going on for years, but were suspended since 2018 due to hong Kong-related issues.Over time, China and the UK have agreed to hold the 11th ECONOMIC and Financial Dialogue at an appropriate time.It’s just that London is more eager than we are.The Treasury wants the talks to take place as soon as this year but is uneasy about the Johnson government’s aggressive policy towards China, according to people familiar with the talks.It is worth mentioning that the UK’s Nuclear Regulatory Office and the UK Environment Agency recently issued a joint statement confirming that China’s independently developed nuclear power technology hualong One has successfully passed the DESIGN review of the UK and issued a certificate for hualong One on the 7th.At the same time, the British foreign department began at Hong Kong, on the question of xinjiang, this fully shows that the British diplomatic and economic and trade is not only a lack of communication between two departments, and even to the extent to which each said words, this is derived from the internal differences of opinion, at the same time also is the norm in many western countries, just is more obvious in Britain.After brexit, the UK is in urgent need of more foreign economic and trade cooperation. Otherwise, all the benefits touted when the public was encouraged to support Brexit will be punctured one by one in the face of harsh reality.There is no doubt that China is the most ideal partner for the UK at present, not only because of the large enough consumer market, but also because the UK hopes to see investment from China.She has to think clearly, but they should take how to deal with China, if the government and its successor, Johnson is still holding the “confrontation, competition, cooperation,” the specious theory, on instructions from the United States, still the china-uk relations and spin around and even reverse, want to do business with China, have to see if we agree,If there is no sincerity, then all is off the table.