Hangzhou property market status quo: East Lake New City why hot?Real estate really many

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I am hangzhou house elder brother, senior real estate investment expert.The homebuying mentor you’ve come to know so far has provided 7,000 people with the best solution for buying a home.Brother room unlike other we media, secretive let you feel confused!Brother Fang is a practical person who only says the most useful operation and advice for you.Follow the wechat public account of “Hangzhou Fangge” to enter the knowledge planet to ask questions. The following selected questions are from the knowledge planet of “Hangzhou Fangge” to ask questions: Hello fangge!I’m a big fan of yours.I want to buy a house in Hangzhou, how about the east Lake new Town?Is there a new house?Answer: East Lake New Town is the hot plate this year.In the center of the new city of east Lake, new houses concentrated in this, a total of 5 real estate nearby, respectively, are zhongtian Tingzhou Yinyue, Qujiang New Ou Peng Hangzhou third city, fu Di Green city Yonghe county, Shangkun Hua Jingchuan Yunqi Chen Park, new hope kam Yun Ting Mansion.On the opposite side of the third city of Hangzhou is Yonghe County, green City. The overall layout of the two buildings is similar, which together constitute the business circle of wuzhou Road station.Generally speaking, the house price of Donghu New City is mainly 20,000 +, which is a very good choice for the gangneeders who work in Qianjiang New City or East New City.Question: Brother Fang, I have a house in Haining, which is used for investment. In Xucun, the real estate name is Green City Hua Jing Chuan LAN Yuan.Would like to ask, when the best move, Xu Cun will have the possibility of hangzhou?Answer: Hua Jingchuan LAN Yuan, average price: 20900 yuan/ping, the price has risen by 40% in the past year, now is a good time to sell.In the construction of urban facilities, Xu Cun has begun to integrate hangzhou.In terms of administrative management, Xucun has no possibility to merge with Hangzhou, because zhejiang has not had such a situation in recent years.Ask: room elder brother hello!Just now, I checked my daughter-in-law’s credit report and found that there was a credit card with overdue record: it was overdue for two months in the last five years, and there was no overdue for more than 90 days.Will this overdue record affect our hangzhou house loan?Answer: Less than three times overdue, the impact is limited.If the number of overdue times is more than three times, the influence is great.According to your description, the overdue record will affect your loan for buying a house in Hangzhou, but there are still many possibilities to get the loan successfully.Ask: room elder brother hello, I go to work in big river east, buy a house in new bay how?Is there investment value?Answer: New bay plate, is the popular section of the east of the Yangtze River.The biggest advantage of Xinwan is the high-speed railway station, which is of a high grade, together with Hangzhou East Station, West station, Hangzhou Station, and South station, as one of the five passenger stations in Hangzhou, which means that Xinwan will become a high-speed railway new city area.The name of the high-speed railway station is Qiantang Station. It has 5 high-speed railway lines and 11 lines. It mainly introduces hangzhou-Shao-Tai high-speed railway lines and Shanghai-Zhao-hang high-speed railway lines, as well as metro Line 8 and airport Express.The subway stretches the framework of the city, while the high-speed railway shortens the distance between the city and the outside world. The development of Xinwan changes with each passing day, and the housing price is showing signs of rising.Ask: fang elder brother, upper city kaisa · Zhao Yue Ya Fu, how is the investment value?Sales office sales said this real estate is the closest to the river, do not know in the end good.Answer: Kaisa · Zhao Yue Yafu, average price: 46500 YUAN/ping, within 1 km from Hangzhou East Railway Station, there have been two opening records.According to the analysis, the investment value of this real estate is good, and there is a price upside down with the second new house near the phenomenon, the second-hand house price of the same plate has soared to the level of 780,000, last year’s delivery of the “Du Hui Forest” is the listing price adjusted to 90,000.Up to now, this real estate is the only new house real estate for sale in the east New Town plate, there is no second choice in the same plate.You can buy this real estate, the success rate is very low.Ask a question: hello, room elder brother, excuse me participate in hangzhou shake number buy a house, freeze capital is in what link?How much money is usually frozen?Thank youAnswer: Freezing funds is before the lottery begins.Frozen funds, and you buy a down payment is about the same.For example, you need 60% down payment to buy a real estate, and the 60% down payment is 1.6 million;Then your frozen funds would be $1.6 million.Ask: room elder brother hello!Registered permanent residence does not move hangzhou, pay social security in Hangzhou for four years, can you buy a house in Hangzhou?After still must settle, ability buys a house?Can you do it for me?Answer: If you have paid social security in Hangzhou for four years, you can buy a house in Hangzhou without settling down.Fangge provides social security services, please find fangge.Ask a question: room elder brother, hello!Want to buy a house near Hangzhou, settle down, the total price budget of more than 1 million, considering the future growth, which places and buildings recommended ah?Answer: Recommended places: Jiaxing Haining, Shaoxing Keqiao.Buy a house in Haining, Jiaxing, recommended new housing development: Yanguan · ideal water town, the average price: 16,500 yuan/ping, 86 flat starting.Buy a house in Shaoxing Keqiao, recommended new housing development: Qinye · Future City, average price: 12,300 yuan/ping, 75 flat starting.Ask a question: room elder brother good, I am jiangsu person.Want to buy a house in Hangzhou, does excuse me have fast settle the way that buys a house?Answer: Hangzhou has a variety of ways to break the purchase limit, see the internal information of knowledge planet “break through the purchase limit, a variety of methods perfect to avoid all risks” ask: fang elder brother, IF I pay social security in Shanghai and Hangzhou at the same time, will affect the purchase of a house in Hangzhou next year?The social security in Hangzhou will be completed for four years next year.Answer: can hand in at the same time, do not affect buy a house in Hangzhou.Question: Brother Fang, I work in Hangzhou, feel the housing price in Hangzhou is a little expensive, want to buy a house around Hangzhou, hanghai New Area this place?Is it worth buying?Answer: Hanghai New Area is well planned and worth settling down in.Hanghai New Area covers Xucun Town, Chang ‘an Town and Yanguan Resort, totaling 230 square kilometers.HangHai new city life atmosphere is very strong, built a lot of residential area in recent years, the earlier, country garden lakeside city to vanke series, building, guangxi east is east, ocean lake ying Chen chapter, wancheng JingHu garden, greentown HuaJingChuan lanyuan, life in suzhou, spring breeze, good source haitang mansion, and given priority to with business HangHai million flower city, etc.Ask a question: room elder brother hello, in hangzhou how to buy a good house?Answer: a good house must have a suitable living environment, considering the needs of daily life, the supporting facilities around the house must be complete, a community supporting is an essential part of the whole house buying life.Real estate is doomed to only a small number of people can make money, we run ahead of most people, many people give brother room message questions, brother room energy is limited, can not answer one by one.Please pay attention to the wechat public account of “Hangzhou Fangge”, enter the knowledge planet to ask questions, answer all questions and send internal information worth 10,000 YUAN as a gift;Important information is only posted on Knowledge Planet.Knowledge Planet has identified the best value for money.Help to provide selection, bargaining, loans, break the purchase limit and other professional advice, full guidance to buy a house.Customize the most suitable for your real estate investment plan, one step faster than others to achieve wealth freedom.Knowledge planet popular articles: “Exclusive! 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