Study in the UK: Good news!Application fees for Cambridge masters will be reduced by a third, while PhD applications will be waived

2022-04-24 0 By

The University of Cambridge has promised to reduce the application fee for masters from £75 to £50 from the next application cycle, while there will be no application fee for PhD applications.Anjum Nahar, chair of the Graduate Division of the Cambridge Student Union, and Amelia Jabry, executive director of Access, Education & Participation (AEP), were the driving force behind the change.AmeliaJabry revealed the achievement on the university of Cambridge students’ union (CUSU) website.Many British universities charge an application fee when they accept applications for postgraduate study.The school explained that the fee would cover the cost of processing the application.But some students argue that application fees increase the cost of applying to graduate school and deter talented potential students.Earlier this year, Amelia took testimonies from students who had applied or were considering applying for graduate studies at Cambridge, many of whom are now students at the university.Of the responses received, a whopping 98 per cent supported the abolition of the application fee in the hope that universities would enhance the availability of postgraduate courses.During her campaign for student council, Amelia Jabry and other members promised to negotiate with the university to eliminate all graduate application fees, thereby making graduate education more accessible.The reduction of doctoral and master’s application fees is a big step forward, but Amelia believes that this concession is still a sign that students’ interests are not being taken seriously enough.At the end of the announcement, she said that she and other members of the student union would continue their efforts in the coming semesters to get the university to waive all graduate application fees.Amelia hopes this victory is a good start, but we all know that it’s unlikely that universities in the UK will abolish application fees altogether.Keep in mind that the most popular courses at UK universities today typically charge between £50 and £100 for the top 100.MBA application fees are generally higher, and can reach £150.University of St Andrews, University of Leeds, University of Sheffield, University of Southampton, University of London, College of Queen Mary, University of Lancaster, University of Exeter, If your target university is in the UK, you can apply.Of course, we also hope that more universities can join the ranks of the above universities.