Business owners on state-owned land in 2022, through what channels can be informed of the housing expropriation situation?

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How does the person being expropriated know the house expropriation decision?According to article 13 of the Regulations on the expropriation and Compensation of houses on state-owned Land, the municipal and county-level competent departments shall timely announce the decision on the expropriation of houses.The public announcement shall set forth the expropriation compensation scheme, administrative reconsideration, administrative litigation and other relevant rights matters.Accordingly, the person who is expropriated is mainly informed of the decision of house expropriation through the announcement made by the municipal and county-level competent departments, and there are various ways for the county-level competent departments to issue the announcement of the decision of house expropriation.In previous years, it was the announcement of the house expropriation decision issued by the county competent department, which was generally posted in the public place of the expropriation place.In recent years, with the rise of new media and network media, together with a lot of people are migrant workers, is not local, so a lot of the competent department of city and county house acquisition decision announcement, posted on a public places, not only can through the Internet, TV, radio, newspapers, and so on related ways of advertising.For example, the administrative organ of a city has made the decision of housing expropriation because of the project expropriation of old city reconstruction. In addition to the announcement of relevant matters related to housing expropriation posted on the site of the expropriation, the announcement of the housing expropriation decision was also published through the Internet, newspapers and other media.So, here we have to remind you that if you have got some local news that we need demolition here, you need to pay timely attention to it, including the official website of the local competent department, as well as some local TELEVISION stations, or some relevant public places in the village will post some announcements?This allows you to know when your home will be expropriated, the expropriation decision, the compensation plan and so on.If there are any disputes or problems related to compensation for expropriation, you should promptly raise your own questions or consult a professional lawyer.In the case of land expropriation demolition, once their legitimate rights and interests are damaged, they should have the courage to take legal approaches to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests.In demolition cases, professional lawyers are crucial.Lawyers are also specialized, many lawyers only do criminal litigation, not civil and administrative, many lawyers only do civil or financing, only listing cases and so on.Yingting lawyers are mainly engaged in the disputes between government and enterprises, including the disputes of some administrative agreements in demolition, investment and investment cooperation, including some disputes caused by shutdown.If a business owner is involved in such a dispute, consult with a professional team of lawyers.Lawyers will develop rights protection schemes according to different cases, because every case is different, and specific situations need to be analyzed.If in the process of land expropriation and demolition, there are objections to the settlement compensation, what can be done?According to the relevant laws in China, the expropriated person can file an administrative reconsideration within 60 days after receiving the expropriation decision, the expropriation compensation decision and other specific administrative acts, and file an administrative lawsuit within 6 months.If the house is evicted, file a lawsuit within six months of knowing the eviction date.Case Analysis Department of Beijing Yingting Law firm, free analysis of difficult cases.If you do not negotiate good compensation conditions with the competent authorities, you can consult a land expropriation and demolition lawyer, or ask a lawyer to intervene, use legal knowledge to negotiate with the competent authorities, and strive for fair and satisfactory compensation.The legal knowledge in this paper does not represent its legal advice, in case of similar problems should be specific analysis.