Three men who love Feng Shizhen are attracted by her three kinds of beauty

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After the end of “Si Teng”, with Jing Tian starring “City of Light” has become a much-anticipated drama, the theme of the Republic of China, male and female protagonists double strong, female revenge script and other elements, all add luster to the play!Not only that, the love lines in city of Light are also interesting.The hostess is perfect, no wonder she has many suitors in the play.Three love Feng Shizhen man, be attracted by her 3 kinds of beauty: one, Feng Shizhen pure and kind, become feng Shixun forever white moonlight in the heart of Feng Shixun eyes, sister Feng Shizhen (Jing Sweet) has been a simple and kind girl, he thinks she is in the home of rongding Kun when a tutor, just to make a living.Feng Shixun is not willing to her so hard, so even if he did not finish school, he will return to China in advance for her to hold up a day.Feng Shixun knew that she was not his own sister, he wanted to take care of her life, but he had to scruple with secular eyes.So much so that his love affair ended before it even began.In order to seek revenge on Rong Dingkun, Feng Shizhen accidentally met Meng Xu ‘an, a banking tycoon with a deep hatred of Rong Dingkun.Then, below the guidance of Meng Xu ‘an, she was taught to spy the ace of information, she covered with the identity of a tutor, successfully steal the secret on the business of Let Dingkun.Thanks to her help, Mensure’s revenge plan went well.Meng Xu ‘an often reminds Feng Shizhen that she is the bait of the people, can not be personal feelings around, as a result, his heart is Feng Shizhen throb.Meng Xu ‘an’s abnormal behavior at Rongjia’s birthday party proves that he is no longer the seventh master who puts revenge first.Otherwise, why should he stimulate Rong Jia, Feng Shizhen in a dilemma, he just want to see her heart!Meng Xu ‘an has always been calm, only in the face of Feng Shizhen, his face wearing a mask, because of anger, sadness and joy change different expressions, it can be seen that his true love for her!Three, Feng Shizhen’s simple straightforward, let Rongjia rongjia at ease (Xu Weizhou) was kidnapped as a child, he almost could not see the sun the next day.As a result, his younger brother became a victim, and the experience became the source of his insecurities.Since then, Rong Jia shang is just a zombie at home, he can not trust anyone, including his father who is connected by blood.To this end, he learned to pretend, he pretended to be a playboy, always drinking with friends in the ballroom, but in fact he studied in private college courses.He also pretended not to be interested in the family business, but he had always been an heir, and he kept a low profile because he didn’t want to draw too much attention to the family.However, Rong Jia is not because of camouflage life better, he is still forced by his father to marry the loveless Duranxin, in order to expand the scale of the family business business.When his ex-girlfriend Shiori Hashimoto shows up, he is forced to find a way to successfully retrieve the Golden Kirin.”To wear the crown, shall bear the heavy” RongJia, the only free, in his life is in love with Feng Shizhen, this bright, straightforward, elegant girl, she and he ever saw anyone, she never because the identity of the RongJia cozying up, nor because his master temper is deliberately distant.Feng Shizhen is not pretentious, nor cautious. She has always taken herself seriously.So many people fall in love with her because her true nature is so interesting!