90 more!Nanchang traffic police latest release

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One of the biggest concerns for car owners could be electronic eyes on the streets.Once the driver violates the traffic laws and regulations it is difficult to escape their “legal eye” driving friends attention!Nanchang new motor vehicle violation will capture electronic monitoring 90 sets To further standardize the use of transportation technology monitoring devices, evidence collection, fixed road traffic violations according to law, to remind the broad masses of people consciously abide by traffic regulations, driving civilization driving, safe driving, maximum limit to prevent and reduce road traffic accidents,To ensure orderly, safe and smooth road traffic, in accordance with the provisions of Article 16 of the Regulations on Handling Illegal Acts on Road Traffic Safety (Order No. 157 of the Ministry of Public Security),The 90 fixed traffic technology monitoring equipment installation points which are newly added on the roads of our city will be publicized to the public, which will capture the traffic illegal behaviors of motor vehicles violating the road traffic signal lights (running red lights), changing lanes on solid lines, driving in reverse direction, and driving on non-prescribed lanes.The newly added illegal behaviors captured by the monitoring system 1. Motor vehicles violate the road traffic lights to pass (running red lights)2.Solid line change lanes 3. Reverse 4. Lane is not according to stipulations in the new position monitoring system of moxa sihu north road fukui, YiXi hunan road YaoHu west road, torch hi-tech avenue six entrances, torch high five street intersection, the torch high street intersection, the torch high and new avenue an intersection three crossroads, high avenue, high avenue people rich road, jingdong avenue torch, fire three crossroadsTorch three high seven road, city aviation big crossing, tienhsiang avenue sihu Jin Lu 2 through innovation, jingdong avenue south road, torch three high six road, east along the avenue pap avenue, especially ammonia crossroads, bay HongYa cui rock road, hunghom day east ningxia road crossing, in the bay area recruiting worker-peasant road, obedient road chaoyang north road, feng and lushan in the avenue south avenue, westAvenue, in the gan river avenue station street, the peak flying crossroads, grace saucer lake avenue road, red valley boulevard exhibition intersection, red valley road green road, in the gan river avenue chunhui road, grace in the gan river avenue intersections, ganjiang road landscape in the road, the gan south lake road before crossing, financial youth road, shajing street chunhui road, shajing okanagan valley road, red valley boulevard cui yuanCrossroads, red valley of minjiang road, red valley north out of the north the Yangtze river road, red valley north avenue in pearl river crossing, feng and ridge, north three crossroads, phoenix north of the Yellow River crossing, phoenix, saucer lake villas north road minjiang crossing intersection, south friendly road red GuNa avenue west lake avenue, plate minjiang road, the gan ridge north of the Yangtze river road, the gan north road, north five intersection, the gan ntuRidge north a crossroads, grace villas financial street intersection, finance street intersection, and flying in the avenue intersections, red GuNa avenue ridge ridge north two crossroads, red GuNa avenue north ridge three intersections, red GuNa avenue north five intersection, villas road, red river valley north jinjiang road, university avenue xiangyun large crossings, university avenue hotel, university avenue in front of lake lotus road nankou, university avenueLotus flow characteristics, the gan south avenue, west railway station street university south avenue, gan longxing avenue south avenue, west railway station street longxing street, the road, Kowloon peak road, Kowloon avenue xiangyun avenue west station street, avenue, Kowloon jingdezhen street, GuangChang lotus road, red GuNa avenue of the wolong road, long wheat supply opening road, feng Huang Gang mountain road blocks, Huang Gang mountain huang jin garden street, west railway station streetSloping hill road, city yun LuKangPing street, city road conde street, city road temple hill street, yingtan, the peak street street, street and ramp, the peak, yingtan yushan avenue street, jingdezhen street Huang Gang bosom yushan mountain road, shangrao street avenue, shangrao Huang Gangshan street intersection, wuyuan lunan guangyuan street, wuyuan to sail east road, wuyuan road and set sail, yingtan street Huang Gang mountain road, cui Lin street graceRoad, Zhangshu Sister Dali Road, West Railway Station Street, Shi Zhongshan Road, Wolong Road, Yong ‘an 1st Road, Huaiyushan Avenue and Beiguangyuan Street, Huaiyushan Avenue and Yingtan Street.The purpose of installing the camera is to let drivers can drive carefully and safely. Capturing photos is only a means to comply with the traffic laws and regulations. Tell the drivers around you!Source | nanchang evening news · love nanchang client Wang Jingjing, comprehensive nanchang traffic police to edit | TuJing issue | Li Jianjun