Iran is celebrating the 43rd anniversary of the islamic Revolution

2022-05-02 0 By

The 43rd anniversary of the Islamic Revolution was celebrated in Various places across Iran on February 11, local time.Thousands of people took part in celebrations in the capital Tehran.In response to the government’s call to “reduce congregations”, many people have chosen to ride bikes, and spectacular processions are common.The crowd shouted slogans saying Iran would not give in to U.S. sanctions.In Tahrir Square, people paid tribute to portraits of Iran’s supreme leader and the top Iranian general killed by U.S. forces.At the same time, the eighth round of negotiations to resume the implementation of the JcPOA have resumed in Vienna, Iranian President Ahmet Leahy made a public speech on the same day.The Islamic Revolution in Iran took place from 1978 to the victory of the revolution in February 1979.It overthrew the Then Westernized Pahlavi dynasty and eventually established the Islamic Republic of Iran.(Editing by Liu Shengtao)