It’s the same old coin, and it’s ten times more expensive than ordinary coins

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Today we will talk about the blessing pit in the classic pot mouth coin. This pit is in the whole ancient coin circle, and it can be said that no one knows it. How was it discovered?Back in the second half of 2012, some such coins of Song and gold were unearthed on Youanmen Street in Beijing. The song and gold coins unearthed at that time were very characteristic, golden in whole body and very beautiful in quality. At that time, they came out of the mud, so when people washed the coins, they found a layer of golden patina.That is what we now call this kind of mounted gold coin, and this kind of coating also makes people doubt whether it is the gold coin at that time. Later, after chemical analysis, someone found that this is not gold metal, but a kind of coating, so why is it called praying pit?Because the coin was discovered at that time, which is the piece of Right Anmen Street in Beijing, is the site of the SAN ‘an Temple in the Jin Dynasty.Someone was concluded that these COINS may be at that time, wealthy people, with blessing as part of the purpose to go to saint temple coin, so with the passage of time, people also gradually accepted the blessing pit the name, prayers for the pit inside the most famous is the jin and tai, ordinary big set TongBao when the price of the ten, 12 years time may also be twenty or thirty dollars,At that time, the Praying pit had been sold to two or three hundred.Now, The price of Qifu Pit ding Tong Bao is also 600 or 700 yuan. As we all know, the beauty of Inner Mongolia Pit is 100 yuan. Therefore, As one of the classic pits in Beijing, Qifu Pit has a very high premium capacity for coins.