“Can’t Wake up from your dreams.” What’s that song?

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“Can’t wake up from your dream” is the lyrics of the song ask the Wind.I believe you are familiar with the song “Ask the Wind”. It is written and composed by Li Lunxu and sung by Jin Yu. It is included in the album “Ask the Wind” of the same name.”Ask the Wind” this song is very beautiful, once popular all over the country.It tells the story of a girl who misses her boy, and the song has attracted wide attention and received great support from many listeners since its release.”Ask the Wind” is a sad love song, although its lyrics are very simple, but the words are full of deep feeling, not only write the girl’s love and attachment to the boy, but also write the pain after losing the boy.”The controversy of convergence and divergence, the definition of clutch, the unsolved mystery,” why do we break up?I still don’t know why.”Why don’t you give me a reason and then abandon me, you can’t see the hesitation in my eyes, you can’t wake up from your dream, I haven’t mended the wounded body”, why do you break up with me?Can’t you see I still love you?You left smartly, but I have not forgotten our feelings, my hurt heart has not healed.The singer of “Ask the Wind” is Jin Yu, a female singer from mainland China. She is not only good-looking, but also very talented, specializing in various styles of songs.Jin yu has released many songs and albums, such as Silent Fireworks and No Reason to Write this Song, leaving a deep impression with his excellent voice and winning praise from listeners.