She on the cover, the pictorial snapped up, 1950s “little swallow” Wang Danfeng how beautiful

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In the 1950s, our film and television industry was in the enlightenment stage of routine and rapid development, but it bred a lot of household characters, such as Qin Yi, Bai Yang, Zhao Dan, Shangguan Yunzhu, Wang Danfeng and so on.Today we are going to talk about wang Danfeng who was called “little Zhou Xuan” at that time. She has the reputation of the most beautiful actress in the 1950s. She is of the same generation as Qin Yi, but she is extremely low-key and once faded out of the film circle.Wang Danfeng was born in Shanghai, but her hometown is Ningbo. She was born in 1924.Wang Danfeng came from a wealthy family and became interested in acting from an early age.When Wang Danfeng was a child, her father ran an import and export business and had a rich family.Her mother was a scholar and studied opera very well.Such two people are united in wedlock together, the kind of domestic atmosphere is imaginable, and this caused the effect of be fond of respect naturally to Wang Danfeng.Every time her father took her to the theater, she would nourish her artistic dream.By the time she was a teenager, Wang had grown into a beautiful woman whose poise made her a standout among the crowd.It is worth mentioning that she was tall from a young age and easily attracted attention wherever she went.In 1940, at the age of 16, Wang Danfeng went to the United Media Film Company with her neighbors. She originally went to the theater, but was taken a fancy to by the director Shi Lin.”Would you like to act?You can come to us if you like.”When little Wang Danfeng heard of such a good opportunity, she agreed without thinking.In fact, she was worried at that time, after all, she was not trained, did not know how to act.But her concerns were soothed by a few words from Director Shi Lin.”Don’t be afraid. Just play a maid and bring your wife a glass of water. It’s that simple.”Sure enough, Wang Danfeng easily passed, this is her debut “Dragon’s Tan Tiger’s Lair”, she is in this play weight light, play little, belong to pass by.But this still makes Wang Danfeng very happy, the interpretation of her heart dream was inspired, from that start, she began to officially on the road to the actress, and out of control.”New Fishing Song”, “Fallen Flower Hate”, “Home”, “Spring”, “Autumn”…A prolific actress, Wang Danfeng has become a well-known figure in the show business by appearing in series from an early age.But in fact, at that time, her acting can only be said to be mediocre, although famous, but not too refreshing works.On the contrary, it was her beautiful appearance that attracted the attention, especially after the release of The Song of New Fishing, the nickname “Xiao Zhou Xuan” was spread.Some people say that Wang Danfeng’s beauty is beautiful, others say that Wang Dan’s beauty is beautiful.This is no exaggeration, in the era of underdeveloped period, she wore qipao, perm looks absolutely gorgeous.Even the great writer Zhang Ailing also said: “Ningbo people are more beautiful, such as Wang Danfeng……”Although Eileen Chang had already become famous at that time, in her mind, Wang Danfeng was still the unique scenery of that era.Indeed, this is due to wang danfeng’s affluent life as a child, as well as her parents’ cultivation of her personal temperament.A real beauty must radiate grace from the inside out.However, after wang Danfeng became famous, she also went to Hong Kong for a time to live and perform.In 1948, she starred in many films in Hong Kong, such as Speechless To Ask the Sky, Qiong Lou Hate and Overseas Husband search.But what really makes Wang Danfeng famous is that she has to mention a film, The Nurse’s Diary.This is a film with the breath of The Times: the description of new China’s female nurses positive, to create a new era of the story.At that time, Wang Danfeng has married, and have 4 children, but the beauty in her body is still not fading, dressed up as a female nurse, still graceful and generous, lovely.Maybe the actresses at that time were very different from the actresses now. No matter how famous the actresses were, when they met love or reached the age of marriage, they would get married and live a real life while working.Wang danfeng met and fell in love with her husband Liu Heqing in 1951 and got married.At the time, her motto was: “Only have one boyfriend for life.”Therefore, for Wang Danfeng, life and career is a double harvest, she and her husband love each other, respect each other, life almost never had any conflict.In her own words: “Between husband and wife, everyone has to be open.”For acting, her husband Liu Heqing is very supportive of her, especially at that time in response to the development of The Times, to make contributions to the country in the special period, Wang Danfeng resolutely returned to Shanghai, is determined to develop in China.However, the Nurse’s Diary is a bit difficult for Wang Danfeng, because it is different from the usual performance, she had to do something different: sing.For her, this is a new experience, she did not have singing experience a lot of concerns.His reputation is placed there, if the singing is not good, let the audience find fault, that their image will tilt.But the director said, “I just want someone like you who can’t sing. How can a nurse sing soprano?”In this way, Wang Danfeng played by her true colors in the Nurse’s Diary and sang the hit Little Swallow.As a result, Wang’s film was an unimaginable success.After watching the film, many male audiences were moved by its perfect image and beautiful appearance, and chose “nurse” as the standard for their spouse.At the same time, the song “Little Swallow” sung by Wang Danfeng in the play has also become a popular song sung by people. When people mention Wang Danfeng, they will think of this song, and she has become the real “little Swallow” of that era.Or, in the case of Wang Danfeng, all of her fame is due to her outstanding good looks. Even though she is an excellent actress, she can’t escape being influenced by her preconceived pretty face.Just because of this, Wang Danfeng almost became the beauty and savior of the pictorial industry at that time, because pictorial magazines printed with her photos always sold out, or even grabbed all of them.However, Wang Danfeng complies with the development of The Times and exists, but also complies with the trend of The Times and retired.Since the 1980s, she has officially retired from film and television, and has set three rules for herself: no events, no interviews, no photos with others.It is rare for an actor to be so decisive and unflinching.But Wang Danfeng did, she from a high life to ordinary unglamorous, a few decades, until 2018, in Shanghai, finished his wonderful life, at the age of 94.