Mysteel Daily: After the festival manganese ore quotation significantly increased

2022-05-06 0 By

Post-holiday manganese ore potential market gradually, the north market activity increase, part manufacturer admission enquiries, mainstream mineral resources concentration on the high side, the spot price reparative pull up, Australia offer degree of 48 yuan/ton, MMA quotation 46 yuan/ton, Gabon MMD44 yuan/ton, South Africa and half carbonate offer 36 yuan/ton, from the point of actual transaction,Mn44.5 Gabon transaction has reached 42.5 yuan/ton degree, Australian block 47 yuan/ton degree above, higher than before the festival.From the perspective of the inventory situation, the high quality ore inventory has declined significantly since the fourth quarter. As the festival comes up, although Australian blocks are concentrated in Hong Kong, the overall inventory is still below the average amount. After several rounds of adjustment of mainstream mines, the concentration of cargo rights is generally improved, and the right to negotiate trade prices is increased, which drives the port price to support adequately.Is expected late, manganese ore market is still weak, the first is Australia block drives the whole spot price difference is bigger, the other minerals have repair expectations, moreover the manufacturer cost pressure is not high, at the same time, the domestic spot after pulling up, outside dish quotation have follow-up may, in the end, high-grade ore inventory is relatively low, the manufacturer needs short-term difficult to drop, the supply and demand structure to support prices.