The German Masters!It’s zhao Xintong vs. Trump, Yan Bingtao vs. Selby!

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The 2022 German Masters concludes the second day of intense competition.China’s Fan Zhengyi beat Heidfeld to advance to the round of 16, while Lu Haotian lost to Mark Allen 1-5, and Yan Bingtao beat David Gilbert to reach the second round.According to the schedule, Yan will face world No. 1 Mark Selby in the round of 16.Last night, zhou yuelong was swept out 5-0 by Trump in the first half of the round of 16, and trump, the defending champion, stormed into the last eight.Meanwhile, Chiu Xintong, the British Championship champion who eliminated Mark Williams in the first round, won 5-1 with a 3-80 against Tom Ford.Chao, 24, will now face world No. 2 Donald Trump in the last eight.Elsewhere, Karen Wilson, a member of the ’90s generation, edged out Stedman 79-33 to advance to the last eight, while Ricky Walton beat Belgium’s David Brechel 5-2.For fans, this year’s German Masters summit is about to take place, fans are looking forward to China’s future talent Yan Bingtao and Zhao Xintong, can follow Ding Junhui to play a piece of China’s wonderful.Last season, Yan bingtao beat Neil Robertson, Michael Maguire, James Bingham and John Higgins to win the heavyweight title at the Masters.Not only the fans, including many professional players also praised Yan bingtao, but also saw the hope of Snooker in China.Before that, Yan bingtao and Mark Selby met 6 times, and they won 3 times each.The first meeting took place five years ago in the Welsh Open, when Yan beat Selby 3-1, but then lost three consecutive matches to Selby.After winning the Masters title, Yan has become more stable, beating Selby in their last two matches.In the round of 16 of the German Masters, the two have met for the seventh time, and it remains to be seen who wins.Likewise, for Zhao Xintong, it was a tough match, because the opponent was Trump.Trump won the German Masters last season and, as the defending champion, is also looking to win.Zhao xintong, 24, is on course to make History at the UK Championships.However, zhao xintong’s performance after winning the British Championship was somewhat disappointing.The Grand Prix, the Masters, and the single time series all suffered a round of swimming.This year’s German Masters, Zhao found her form, and Mark Williams and Tom Ford advanced to meet Donald Trump in the last eight.Two people before this, only 2 times, Zhao Xintong all defeat.After winning the British Championship, Zhao xintong is not the zhao Xintong of the past, the summit showdown is about to start, China’s highest ranked player plus the world no. 2 Trump.The final result remains to be seen.Both Yan Bingtao and Zhao Xintong expect them to achieve good results.As snooker star John Higgins said: China will dominate snooker for the next 10 years.So in the Chinese players, Yan Bingtao and Zhao Xintong is the dominant force.The snooker!Ding Junhui’s success, how much influence?