This key technology in the field of hydrogen energy vehicles has been conquered by changning!

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Changning Bosch electric vehicle research and development personnel Liu Xudan, led his research and development team last year to develop a hydrogen fuel cell high-speed electronic air compressor controller (hereinafter referred to as the “controller”), a breakthrough in the application of hydrogen energy in the automotive field of a key core technology.Liu Xudan graduated from university of Electrical Engineering in 2008 and went to Germany in 2017 to get his PhD and do post-doctoral research. He has been dealing with electric power for more than ten years.Today, he works at Bosch Central Research Institute, developing software and hardware for power electronics power conversion devices. He designs power electronics based power conversion devices to efficiently convert energy from batteries or fuel cells to wheels.With the rise of hydrogen fuel cells, corporate customers have put forward more requirements and challenges for their technology research and development.During the research and development, Liu xudan was impressed by a fuel cell high-speed electronic air compressor controller development project.Air compressor is regarded as one of the key technologies of on-board power system of hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, and its performance can directly affect the efficiency, compactness and water balance characteristics of fuel cell system.The core of this project is to optimize the high-speed controller and control the speed of the air compressor at 120,000 RPM, so as to more efficiently compress the air and ensure the energy conversion of the fuel cell.”The maximum engine speed of a petrol-powered car is around 3,000 RPM, and the project requires 30 or 40 times that.It requires a controller to keep it running at such a high speed, which is a difficult technical challenge.”Liu Xudan said that this technology has no precedent, but is a problem in the industry.When taking over this task, Liu Xudan quickly set up a project team, and members worked overtime to carry out research and development.Every failure of the experimental test may damage the experimental sample, resulting in a longer test period. In order to save time and ensure a stable experiment, Liu Xudan’s team kept repeating the experiment in a small laboratory.Starting from the speed of 0, increase the speed a little bit, each time increase the speed, optimize the controller parameters.After several rounds of testing, the final stable and efficient speed increased to 120,000 RPM.The project development has been completed one month ahead of the original plan and has been recognized by the customer. At the same time, four patents have been applied for the project results. This technology has been applied to the light truck of fuel cell, with an estimated output value of 50 million RMB.”When we participated in the development of the controller in the Bosch exhibition show in Shanghai last year, when our project team won the 2020 Linkong Economic Park ‘Star of science and innovation’ silver award, all members are surging, the joy of the heart can not be calmed for a long time.Liu xudan said that he was also very glad to lead his team to make a breakthrough in such a cutting-edge field.Last year, Liu xudan was awarded the honor of “Changning Craftsman” in 2021, which made him realize the meaning of craftsman spirit.”Keeping learning and communicating is a great atmosphere for our team to work in.I believe that every technological breakthrough we make is also the cultivation of the next generation of researchers, inheriting our innovation concept and r&d spirit, and contributing to the development of the country and the progress of the industry.”Photo provided by Liu Xudan text: Gao Yufeng editor: BI Yangjing * Reprinted please indicate from “Shanghai Changning” Shangguan number author: Shanghai Changning