“Confidence” is the key word for more than 80 percent of the surveyed college students

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Watching Su fly out of the blocks like a boomerang, Chen Ruiqing’s heart rose to his throat.”Snowboarders in the big jump are doing extremely difficult moves, and some of them make mistakes and fall, and nobody knows what will happen until the last minute.”Screen when the Su Yi sound like a gyro complete handsome smooth rotation, firmly in the snow, put the heart back into the belly of Wallace Chen and exclamation “world jagged” jokingly: “players in the snow, ice taking put freely, make so complicated movements, and I ski scenes or ‘early man to conquer the precious picture of limbs’.”On the opening day of the Beijing Winter Olympics, Gao Mingyao, a student at Harbin Institute of Technology, wrote a passionate “small composition” on wechat moments.Zhang Hong, an International Olympic Committee member and Olympic speed skating champion who teaches at the Harbin Institute of Technology’s sports department, was one of six flag-bearers at the opening ceremony.Tao Yongchun, director of the Sports Department of HIT, took the oath as a representative of the Olympic Games judges at the opening ceremony.”Praise for the university and be proud of the university!”Two years before the Beijing Winter Olympics, Gao joined his school’s ice hockey team.At the end of 2021, he and his teammates went to the third National College Hockey Championship and made it to the finals.So in addition to focusing on his Alma mater at the Beijing Winter Olympics, he often discusses techniques and tactics with his teammates while watching hockey games.The Beijing Winter Olympic Games has aroused great interest both at home and abroad, attracting wide attention and heated discussion both in the event itself and around the venue.China Youth Daily · Youth Media launched a questionnaire survey among 1,475 college students from 152 universities across China.The results showed that the excellent performance of excellent athletes (84.81%), the wonderful events (72.88%), the winter Olympic mascot ice Dun fire (70.85%), the volunteers serving the Winter Olympic Games (56.00%), the evaluation of athletes from various countries on the organizing level of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games and the Winter Olympic village (51.32%), etc., all attracted the attention of respondents.On the fifth day of the Lunar New Year, Hong shuyun’s uncle drove her and her two younger brothers 40 minutes to the ski resort before she could eat lunch. It was the first time the 20-year-old had skied.Hong Shuyun, a student at Datong University in Shanxi Province, doesn’t like sports at all. If the 2022 Winter Olympics weren’t at her doorstep, she probably wouldn’t have gone to the ski resort, nor would she have been interested in the seemingly “distant” ice and snow sports.On her first ski trip, Hong spent more than four hours at the ski resort, but the actual skiing time was less than two hours.At the end of the trip, when she took off her skis and ski shoes, Hong felt as if her feet were filled with lead and she could not lift them.But that didn’t stop her from looking forward to her next ski trip.But hong shuyun is not alone in wanting to give ice and snow sports a try after the Beijing Winter Olympics.According to a survey conducted by youth media, 31.80% of respondents have personally participated in ice sports.Among the interviewees who have not participated in ice and snow sports, 60.34% did not participate because of the lack of ice and snow sports facilities due to the climate characteristics of the region, 20.87% had the idea of participating but did not have the right time, and 10.04% were restricted by the high cost of ice and snow sports.Among the interviewees who have not participated in ice and snow sports, 88.97% want to try ice and snow sports.”Northeast is the end of short track speed skating,” said Gao Mingyao of Harbin Institute of Technology. “Northeast people are born skaters,” he said.From Mudanjiang, he could skate on the ice for the first time as a child.Ice and snow are the nostalgia of people in northeast China. Gao Mingyao has a natural affinity for ice and snow.In his senior year of high school, he was under great pressure from study, so he took advantage of holidays to relax and chose skiing.”Not only do I like the excitement of skiing, but I also enjoy the cable car ride up the yabuli Ski Resort — with the forest and snow fields at my feet, just like the aerial shot in the taking of Tiger Mountain.”After entering the university campus, Gao Mingyao found that the school carried out ice and snow sports are particularly rich.”In winter, the library and the ice rink are the two most crowded places in Harbin Institute of Technology.”In response to the call of “300 million people participating in snow and ice sports”, the school opened a variety of snow and ice sports courses and activities, even snowball fights are included in the curriculum, “this is our school’s online celebrity class, the name is’ snow fighting ‘, it is a snowball fight with specific rules.”Middle school of media, according to the survey respondents perceived the ice and snow sports in our country and the atmosphere of change, the most obvious is the ice and snow sports have bigger promotion (75.80%), followed by the professional player’s participation in the international arena and grades improved (71.12%), but there are also 53.69% of respondents felt side of ice and snow sports facilities more, become full,41.63% of respondents feel that more people are participating in ice and snow sports around them.Three days after Hong Shuyun finished her maiden skiing trip, China’s gu Ailing won the women’s freestyle platform gold medal at the Beijing Winter Olympics.Hong Soo-woon was also successfully captured by the frog princess, and began to pay full attention to the Winter Olympics.In gu Ailing and Su Yiming, both born in the 2000s, Hong shuyun felt their “personalities” and “ideas.”The picture of Gu eating the leek box while waiting for the result made Hong admire her calmness from the bottom of her heart.In her opinion, in addition to talent, strength and hard work, a strong heart and good self-regulation ability are important factors to win the championship.According to a survey by junior media, the athletes who impressed the respondents most were Gu Ailing, Wu Dajing and Su Yiming.Respondents are most concerned about figure skating (69.56 percent), short track speed skating (63.73 percent), freestyle skiing (44.41 percent) and snowboarding (34.10 percent).Respondents’ reasons for liking these sports are as follows: “I am attracted by the personality of the athletes” (78.64%), “the games are exciting or enjoyable to watch” (69.49%), “this sport can represent the cool and attitude of young people” (50.58%), and “I myself like participating in this sport” (11.86%).According to the survey, Chinese athletes at the Beijing Winter Olympics are confident (89.83 percent), hardworking (52.20 percent), generous (42.51 percent), focused (21.36 percent) and sunny (10.71 percent).Among the characteristics displayed by these young athletes, confidence (86.51%), hard work (51.93%), atmosphere (40.81%), concentration (26.64%) and sunshine (19.80%) are also the qualities most consistent with contemporary China.Zhang Zheng of The University of Shanghai for Science and Technology says he feels more vigorous and calm in post-00s athletes.”Especially Gu Ailing and Su Yiming, they present to the world the confident and diverse image of the post-00s generation.As a slash youth, I work hard for what I love and do it well.”Zhang zheng believes that today’s Chinese youth have the courage to express their ideas to the outside world, which is a manifestation of confidence. “We are promoting the Beijing Winter Olympics to the world, in fact, we are also promoting a truly confident China to the world.””Confidence” and “love” are also what impressed Huang Ye from Fujian Normal University.”Wang Shiyue and Liu Xinyu really impressed me. I could feel their confidence and atmosphere across the screen when I saw them on the ice.”Comments such as “enjoying the process of the competition”, “love and efforts of the athletes are more important than the results” and “good results are the icing on the cake” not only show the athletes’ calm towards the results of the competition, but also show the indifferent attitude of the audience and netizens towards the results of the competition.In the opinion of MAO Zhenming, the first dean of the School of Physical Education and Sports at Beijing Normal University, there is both chance and necessity behind this phenomenon.”Our country is strong and strong, and confidence in our path and culture has been deeply implanted in this generation of young people.”MAO zhenming remembers that his college years coincided with the opening of the 1988 Seoul Olympics.Chinese swimmer Zhuang Yong won a silver medal in the 100-meter freestyle, but she didn’t show joy. Instead, she looked upset.And the third place finisher in that race was an American, the defending champion, who not only didn’t show disappointment, but was so happy that she kept cheering and celebrating.Foreign athletes do not see Olympic gold as their only path. For MAO zhenming, the confidence comes from the country and culture behind her.At the Beijing Winter Olympics, such confidence was on display in the Chinese athletes.In MAO Zhenming’s view, this is because the current social atmosphere has changed.Correspondingly, the individual personalities and expressions of athletes, compared with the results of the games, have become interesting stories covered by the media.Gao Tingyu used “gru” to describe his personality in an interview after winning the gold medal. This northeastern word, which stands for “being different”, was discussed by many media.Su’s acting experience outside the arena has attracted particular attention, with his role in The Taking of Tiger Mountain becoming a talking point.Authentic northern pasta, such as leek box and sugar cake, has also been promoted to other parts of the world through “eating and sowing” during guailing competitions.MAO Zhenming believes that this kind of tolerance and promotion of personality is also a performance of national confidence.”We see the athlete as a living, lively individual, not as a perfect role model that has to be shelved.Our athletes follow the rules, but each child’s personality is fully respected and they are able to show their positive, lovable side without affecting anyone else.”Zhang Zheng, who was watching the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics on TV, said, “MY whole body was boiling with emotion” as the accompaniment of the athletes’ entrance ceremony changed from a series of 19 world-famous songs to the passionate melody of ode to the Motherland.”At the beginning, I experienced the integration of world cultures, and in an instant, I felt the national culture amazed the world,” said Chen, who studied at The University of Shanghai for Science and Technology.In the coverage Zhang has read about the Winter Olympics, confidence is not just in the athletes.”It was a passion that could melt any strangeness in Beijing’s sub-zero temperatures,” said Zhang, referring to university volunteers who danced and shouted “Welcome to China” to athletes at the opening ceremony.In his opinion, Chinese youth present a very confident, inclusive and friendly image to the world.Chen Ruiqing once went to the stadium to watch the match organized by the school. On the way from the place where she got off the bus to the stadium, many volunteers warmly said to her, “Welcome to the stadium” and “remember to cheer for the Chinese team”.When the race is over, most of the volunteers they meet say “Thank you for coming”.”Their enthusiasm and joy showed me that they really enjoyed volunteering and didn’t see their work as a simple task, which was amazing.”Chen ruiqing still remembers the Ma LAN Hua Chorus, which sang the Olympic anthem at the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics.”It was very thoughtful and moving.”Whether you live in a city or a village, everyone has the opportunity to participate in large-scale events organized by the country.”Chen ruiqing also remembers the torch lighting process of the Beijing Winter Olympics.”Not only is it in line with the concept of low carbon, but the ‘Big Snowflake’ is made up of guideboards from all participating countries, reflecting the concept of a community with a shared future for mankind.”This design makes Chen ruiqing understand China’s attitude towards the world. “We communicate with every country in a friendly way and welcome friends from every country and region with our heart.The logistics of the Winter Olympics also shows how hard the Beijing Organizing Committee has worked, and it has been well received by athletes from all over the world.”On the day he went to watch the games, Chen ruiqing took a photo with the Olympic torch, which is now on the square in front of icecube.When the Olympic torch returned to the “Bird’s Nest” after 14 years, from “One World, One Dream” to “Together for the future”, In Zhang zheng’s opinion, the two Olympic Games have both “persistence” and “change” : “What remains unchanged is the professionalism and warmth as before, but what has changed is a more confident and open mind.”According to the survey conducted by youth media, college students’ impressions of the Beijing Winter Olympics include technological innovation (68.41 percent), green environment protection (54.31 percent), world unity (38.98 percent), confidence and calm (35.80 percent), openness and inclusiveness (31.19 percent), etc.”In 2008, our GDP was a quarter of what it is now.At the 2008 Beijing Olympics, we committed ourselves to introducing ourselves to the world.Today, China no longer needs a business card to introduce itself. We are embracing the world and moving toward the future together.The development of the country, strong and powerful to promote the formation of our confidence, let our athletes, our young people to look at the world.”In MAO zhenming’s view, the Beijing Winter Olympics is the most important educational significance for Chinese youth and the building of national confidence.”Despite the complex international environment, the Beijing Winter Olympics was a very successful international event in terms of the level of hosting, the prevention and control of the epidemic, the evaluation at home and abroad, and the performance of Chinese athletes.Our athletes and young people are all vivid ‘little faces’ under this new national outlook. Every bit of these’ little faces’ has a milestone educational significance for our people.”Bi Ruoxu cheng Siluo Xi Wang Junli source: China Youth Daily February 18, 2022 05 edition