DAY6 Won Bi intimate recording for female fans alone, in order to shorten the blank period volunteered to join the navy next month

2022-05-11 0 By

Won Pil, a member of South Korean boy band DAY6, was diagnosed with COVID-19 earlier this month when he released his album “Pilmography,” delaying the promotion of his album.After being released from quarantine, he is scheduled to hold a concert from November 11 to 13.He recently shocked fans by announcing that he will join the Navy at the end of next month during a live broadcast.DAY6 members since last year to enter military service period, last march and October members sheng town, Young K has join the army, and the degree of cloud in January to army to join the military, the 27-year-old yuan bi as DAY6 ranks only still not a member of the army, has suddenly announced that he will be in the live on March 28, enlisted in the navy.Instead of waiting for his draft notice and being assigned to an unknown army, he said he wanted to join the navy as soon as possible and with less competition in order to shorten the waiting period for his fans.The military service period of the Navy is about two months longer than that of the army. “Fans were surprised to hear that I wanted to join the Navy, but I decided to join the navy as much as possible,” He said in a live broadcast.It doesn’t matter where we go, as long as it’s the right time!”DAY6 members will always care about their fans, and they will return together as soon as possible after achieving better results, and appear handsome in front of the fans of My Day.Won bi, who has been very concerned about fans, also recently because of another intimate move, and boarded the Korean network to discuss hot stickers, said that there are fans in Won BI’s VLIVE during the message: “Won BI ah, because the world is very dangerous, girls ordering takeout can not let people find themselves alone.Can you say ‘Leave it at the door’ like a boyfriend?”When He saw the message, Won-pil said that it is strange to live in a world where girls who live alone have to be cautious about getting take-out food.After that, he also said a series of different versions of “Please put it in front of the entrance door”, so that his fans could save the recording and use it. Man’s quick response to the need to take care of his fans was also appreciated, and relevant clips of the recording were widely shared on social networks.