Sesame intelligent food waste classification processor is successfully developed

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The disruptive technology in the field of restaurant kitchen waste treatment is expected to be completely changed, which has long plagued China in the source classification and treatment of restaurant kitchen waste with high investment, low efficiency and low income.Recently, the made of xi ‘an sesame darling intelligent electric appliance co., LTD. Successful development of eat hutch garbage processor intelligent classification, breakthrough the original technology development mode, the first to eat hutch waste disposal industry of industrial machinery and equipment directly into the miniaturization, intelligent home appliances products, a complete reversal of the existing way of eat hutch garbage disposal technology,It provides a new technical means of promotion, popularization and practicability for kitchen waste “source classification treatment, reduction, harmless and resource recovery”.Experts participating in the technical achievement appraisal believe that the advent of this product, not only marks a major breakthrough in the kitchen waste classification and treatment technology, but also indicates the kitchen waste classification and treatment industry “second revolution” is coming.Restaurant kitchen waste is a general term for food waste and kitchen waste, which generally refers to food waste, food leftovers, food processing waste, edible animal and vegetable fats and various mixtures of oil and water in the public canteens of families, schools, institutions, enterprises and catering industry.The main components are starch, food fiber, fat, protein and other organic matter, water content of 80%-95%, oil content of 5%-12%.The annual output is huge, accounting for 60 to 80 percent of urban household garbage.Kitchen waste is called “misplaced resources”, and is also a “bottleneck” project of urban waste classification and treatment.At present, there are two ways to deal with kitchen waste: one is “factory centralized treatment”, the other is the source of oil, water, slag three-phase separation treatment.While the three-phase separation and treatment technology of kitchen waste oil, water and slag mostly uses industrial-grade large mechanical equipment, which is large in size, high in cost, low in efficiency and poor in popularity.Our country food and beverage industry on the market the most processing method is still the old manual operation “skimmer and separation tank” classification approach, not only dirty smelly mess, and solid liquid, oil and water can’t effective separation, resources can not transform, cooking oil, despite being banned, indiscriminate row put serious underground environmental pollution, block the progress of urban living garbage classification processing.Xi ‘an sesame darling intelligent electric appliance co., LTD. Great concern over the years of eat hutch garbage classification intelligent, miniaturization, generalizing some technical problems, the lead after more than three years of study repeatedly, innovative application of vortex centrifugal solid-liquid separation technology, mesh hot melt water extraction, reverse rotation material crushing technology, double disinfection deodorant clean technology,Intelligent control digital warning technology and other methods, finally developed a rotary crushing, disinfection and deodorization, solid-liquid separation, oil and water separation and oil, water, slag three phase treatment completed in one time intelligent kitchen waste classification processor.The remarkable feature of this machine is that it has achieved “five leaps” in technical means and applications.First, industrial-level machinery and equipment to achieve the “intelligent, home electronics, miniaturization” leap;The second is the leap from “nothing” to “have” in the intelligent classification processor of kitchen electrical appliances.The third is the industrial vortex centrifugal technology in the solid liquid separation of kitchen waste materials easy to combine reaction to constant characteristics of the leap;Fourth, the leap of liquid pressure difference from “low energy” to “quick effect” in oil-water separation;The fifth is the leap from single extraction function to double oil precipitation function of liquid internal circulation system.In the practical application, the main performance is: small size, shape size and general washing machine the same;High degree of intelligence, one-button operation, simple and convenient;High mobility, can be placed randomly, not limited by space and location;High efficiency, it only takes 30 seconds to complete the three-phase separation of oil, water and slag in the treatment of 20 kg of kitchen waste;Low energy consumption, less than 0.25 yuan for a ton of garbage treatment;Low price, basically with the price of ordinary washing machine;It can produce more than 10 kilograms of fat with purity of more than 95%, and the profit is more than 80 yuan.Slag material more than 40 kg, the income of more than 20 yuan, annual income can reach 40,000 to 50,000 yuan.The most important contribution is to achieve “zero” kitchen waste discharge and “zero” gutter oil output.At present, xi ‘an Sesame obediently intelligent electric appliance Co., Ltd. successfully developed intelligent food waste classification processor, has declared two national invention patents, six practical patents, three shape design patents.At the same time, the machine has completed the design finalization and mass production tests, and is expected to be put on sale in 30 large and medium-sized cities in China in March 2022.Author: Yu Ge