BLG vs LNG February 13, LPL Spring tournament

2022-05-18 0 By

No matter how TES changed the lineup, RNG still took the lead, winning the game 2-0.Of course, the final stage of the showdown is also very exciting for us to see.There was no problem with the small amount of money that the nomination brought, and the five big red can be said to be full.BLG easily beat TT 2-0 in the last round, so far the team can win all but RNG.LNG beat FPX 2-1 in the last round. So far, the team has kept full victory in this match. The overall performance is also very conscientious.The last four LPL meetings between the two teams have been 3-1, with all three wins coming in narrow victories.SP: LNG 2.20 BLG 1.63.LNG and EDG, as the only two undefeated teams in the league, are very popular in the market.BLGWeiwei is very aggressive at the moment and often becomes the tempo engine of team battles.LNG side of the paper strength is very strong, the lineup is also in the league’s top battle force.But we’re looking for the BLG, who are capable of handing their opponents their first loss of the season.Results: BLG Reference Index: BLG (+1.5)