Bone pain in the tail?Do more of these exercises

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Pain department sometimes encounter such patients: “hello, please sit down”, the doctor politely asked the patient to sit down.The patient put a hand, “no line doctor, buttocks a stool pain!”After the doctor examination take film, diagnosis result is – coccygeal pain.Today, the pain doctor will teach you two groups of exercises to relieve the pain of the tail bone.Tailbone is not involved in this action to do less tail pain is characterized by sitting too long or standing up from the sitting position feel tail pain, or the tip of the tail is squeezed feel local pain.It is important to emphasize the importance of routine prevention if coccyx pain is to be eradicated.Attention should be paid to the supplement of calcium in the diet to avoid local strain and fasciitis caused by osteoporosis.The most important thing is to avoid sitting half back on the couch or sitting in one position for long periods of time, as this can cause damage to the coccyx beyond its restorable capacity, leading to repeated episodes of coccyx pain.In addition, coccyx pain, like cervical and lumbar vertebra pain, can be alleviated and treated by massage, hot compress, intramuscular effect sticking and other methods.The treatment of coccyx pain is also divided into four kinds of treatment measures because of the different etiology: patients with coccyx fracture and dislocation caused by trauma, of course, go to the hospital according to the treatment of coccyx fracture and dislocation.In addition, can also be combined with appropriate postoperative physiotherapy and rehabilitation exercise.Patients with chronic strain can rest in prone or lateral position for 2 to 3 weeks, or supine.Cushion the air ring when sitting, hot sitting bath 2 to 3 times a day, can reduce anal muscle spasm.Most patients recover within 1 to 3 months.But people have individual differences, there are patients with coccygeal pain delay time is longer, then can be used for 3 to 6 months without coccygeal bearing treatment, until the pressure of no pain just bearing sitting position.If prematurely make coccyx weight, symptoms are easy to relapse.Coccyx pain point is clear can go to the hospital pain department consultation whether feasible local anti-inflammatory analgesic fluid or ozone injection treatment, small needle knife and silver needle lysis is also optional.In addition, the latest platelet-rich plasma therapy can promote the growth and healing of a fractured or misaligned tailbone by injecting plasma rich in growth factors into the site of injury, thereby eradicating pain.Refractory coccygeal pain if the pain does not relieve, should go to the hospital to consult the doctor whether coccygeal resection is feasible.Preoperative routine local anti-inflammatory analgesic fluid injection treatment, analgesic effect is good, the operation effect is also good, otherwise it is necessary to consider whether suffering from lumbosacral diseases, compression of nerve roots and caused coccygeal pain.Try these two exercises for pain relief and I recommend two exercises for tailbone pain relief.Action one foot and close, toes of both feet, inside of feet, heel as far as possible close together to activate the strength of the inside of the thigh;Knees straight, knees up, double hips down, lift the back thigh muscles;The abdomen is slightly drawn in, the chest is raised, the spine is extended, and the neck is straight;Body weight should not be placed only on heels and toes, but should be distributed evenly.Action two sit on the ground, the back of the place against the wall, both feet straight forward and close, hands on the sides of the body, bending knees to recover the feet, feet relative, heel as close as possible to the inner thigh near the perineum position, tiptoe forward;Hold your feet with your hands straight at the waist, look ahead and bounce your legs up and down like butterflies.Press both knees with both hands and exhale deeply. Try to press both legs flat on the ground with the strength of both elbows for about 10 breaths and cooperate with perineal bunches.Then, restore to the original position.(Yue Jianning)