When lippi left, he defined the Chinese players as “three noes”, apparently excluding the women’s team

2022-05-18 0 By

I don’t know if the fans still remember that four years ago, when Lippi angrily left the National football team, declaring that he could not lead the team well and he had to choose to resign or leave, he gave the definition of Chinese players, that is: no blood, no effort and no sense of honor.In other words, Lippi has given Chinese football what he thinks is an accurate definition: three men without men.Of course, this definition refers to The Chinese players, but in fact, for the fans, while recognizing this statement, it will also be a grievance for the Chinese women’s football players.Because of this statement, for the men’s football players really more suitable, but for the Chinese women’s football girls, seems to be far from.But in the last few seasons, the Chinese women’s team coach is Gu Xiuquan, to some extent, although his work is very hard, also is really strict with the girls, but the Chinese women’s team, at that time also need to lack some rare shots, so people even think that the girls of the Chinese women’s football was to drag down the Chinese football,But also because of the women’s football team’s achievements are not too outstanding, compared with the peak period has an obvious decline, it is difficult to say a few words for The Chinese women’s football team wronged them.Fortunately, with the return of Shui Qingxia, the main striker in the peak of The Chinese women’s football team, as the coach of this team, the Chinese women’s football team has a chance to be proud again.Although the Chinese women’s team and south Korean women’s football has not yet begun in the war on’t title on the pitch, but because of the Chinese women’s team in the semi-final win over the strong Japanese women’s team, and it is deficit to twice equalised twice, so this is also to some extent, the Chinese women’s team of girls, not only have hemorrhagic, also have easily, more sense of honor.Because they are a member of the Chinese women’s football national team, they have to fight on the banner in front of them.Even if the team in the first core Wang Frost, but we still insist to fight to the last moment.It is this indomitable fighting spirit that helps Chinese women’s football team to complete its redemption.They not only defeated their opponents in the end when their technical ability and overall play were not superior, but also won the respect of the Japanese women’s football team from the coach to the players.As Japanese women’s football coach and player puts it, they thought the team in front of the Chinese women’s football occupy technological advantage and overall cooperation advantages, can fight the end of the ninety minutes, and will be able to break into the final, but it turned out, and the Chinese women’s team a dead heat with one hundred still twenty minutes, finally can only and Chinese women’s penalty shoot-out.However, the Chinese women’s football team, who came from behind, could not let the victory slip away from them. Finally, with their excellent performance, they won the victory and won a chance to play in the Asian Cup final again.Interestingly, four years ago, when Lippi left, there seemed to be no improper comments on Chinese football, because the Chinese men’s national football team seems to have gone through four years of time, but now it is still in its original position, and even there is a regression in ability, as well as a further decline in the momentum of the game.Despite the criticism, it has had little impact on the team.As a result, some football fans say that Chinese football, especially men’s professional soccer, has become professional in terms of income, but not in terms of technical strength, training and competition. On the contrary, it is further away from professionalism.However, for The Chinese women’s football team, which has been difficult to attract media attention, the girls have always been more professional than many men. Under the condition of very low income, they have always maintained their love and persistence for football and made it back to the Final of the Asian Cup, completing a new climb.Here, let’s pay tribute to the team that has given Chinese football hope.Whether they win or lose in the final tomorrow night, we will leave our love and respect to this team. Yes, they are the hope of Chinese football people, and they can truly represent the image of Chinese football people.We love you — Chinese women’s soccer team.