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What is the emergency number?Everyone will blurt out: the number 110 protects people’s lives and safety throughout the year.However, in real life, some people maliciously dial and harass 110, occupying public resources and seriously affecting the normal reception and disposal of police work.From 23:38 on February 5 to 0:47 on February 6, a man in Fushan, fujian province, made a total of 62 calls to the 110 police after drinking, causing trouble and abusing police officers. He occupied public resources for a long time, seriously affecting the normal working order of the 110 police receiving platform.On February 7, the police of the Gate building police station of Fushan Branch soon found the man Xiao (male, 31 years old) and summoned him to the police station for investigation according to law.After inquiry, Xiao mou to its drunken harassment 110 illegal facts confessed, the police on its severely criticized education.At present, Xiao mou has been detained administratively according to law.Falsely reported the police situation, repeatedly dial 110 shortly before longkou City public Security Bureau also dealt with such an illegal act.January 22, 22 xu, Zhang drunk driving electric tricycle traffic accident, police at the scene, Zhang abusive to the police, and then repeatedly dial 110 phone, occupy public resources, falsely claimed that his car was hijacked, and abusive to receive police officers, seriously disrupted 110 receive and handle police work order.According to the “People’s Republic of China public security management punishment Law” article 26 of the provisions, Zhang’s behavior constitutes an illegal act of picking a quarrel and provoking trouble.At present, Zhang mou already was detained administratively according to law.Once again, the 110 emergency call should not be arbitrarily dialed, malicious harassment 110 is illegal!So the question is, when do YOU dial 110?Please remember: only the “seven things” in life can you dial 110 to light up “Watching”, and forward the promise: cherish the 110 emergency call, use 110 correctly, and reserve police resources for those who really need help.Public security, public security, longkou @ source | fushan integrated CCTV news