Liu Gang: China urgently needs to build a competitive new energy commercial vehicle platform architecture

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In the new energy vehicles industry development planning (2021-2035), “clearly put forward in the development of new energy vehicles is the only way for our country from a big car to car powers”, promote the construction of the new energy system of commercial vehicle architecture will be achieve bigger and stronger foundation engineering of the commercial vehicle industry in our country, so China needs what kind of new energy system of commercial architecture,How to reshape the architecture?What are the future trends?Recently, Liu Gang, vice president of Foton Automotive Engineering Research Institute, said at the 2022 China Commercial Vehicle Industry Conference that China urgently needs to build an internationally competitive new energy commercial vehicle platform architecture to promote the future development of China’s new energy commercial vehicles.Liu Gang, vice president of Foton Automotive Engineering Research Institute, said that with the gradual advancement of the 3060 dual carbon target, including environmental performance, regulatory upgrades, local support, etc., new energy commercial vehicles are ushered in a new development opportunity.According to industry statistics, the sales volume of new energy commercial vehicles in China in 2021 is expected to be 181,000, with a penetration rate of about 4.3%. In 2025, it is cautiously expected to be 480,000 and optimistically predicted to be 608,000.In terms of specific models, the growth of minicar in the future can not be underestimated. The sales volume in 2022 is expected to reach 83,000 units, with a penetration rate of 25.2%. In the future, minicar is expected to exceed 100,000 units in 2025, with a penetration rate of 32.8%.Liu Gang further analyzed that at present, it is very difficult to make profits by selling cars based on vehicle supply. In the context of carbon peak and carbon neutrality, in the future new energy vehicle industry, it will be the main trend of the carbon sink era to lay out the energy end and strengthen the post-market application based on parts and vehicle manufacturing.As a money-making tool, commercial vehicles aim to make profits and bring value to customers, which is the real mission of commercial vehicles. However, there are still many difficulties ahead.One is the difference between product and customer demand;Second, the long-term low freight rates;Third, the cost of raw materials and batteries has increased significantly;Fourth, subsidies will be withdrawn in 2022 and completely withdrawn in 23.Overall, these factors are facing great challenges for new energy commercial vehicles.Liu Gang said frankly, based on these problems we should think about the future direction of commercial vehicles in where?What is the future trend of new energy commercial vehicle technology development?In this regard, he said that the current new energy commercial vehicles are basically made on the basis of traditional oil vehicles, which leads to a very low modular integration, and the future development will inevitably require a new energy platform and a new architecture, with TRI-power as the design core.The electrification platform pays more attention to the functional architecture of the vehicle, the technical route of the power drive system and the power energy storage system, the high voltage system architecture, the electronic and electrical architecture, etc.Among them, the motor, transmission, differential and drive axle are highly integrated, and the hub (including ABS) constitute an integral electric drive axle, which is the trend and characteristic of electric chassis.The biggest change in chassis electrification comes from the power battery. The power battery pack is highly integrated with the chassis, which is the biggest feature of pure level platform.Modular battery packs, standard battery PACK technology and other design innovations will support the development of electric chassis.In terms of the user group of new energy commercial vehicles, Liu Gang analyzed that the future customers of new energy commercial vehicles will be the post-90s and post-00s. These user groups have a high degree of acceptance of new things, and they pursue high appearance level and consumption experience, so their needs must be considered in the future.Specifically, there are three main aspects.The first is to exceed the expected driving experience, and these user groups are very comfortable, so design to exceed the expected experience.The second is to reduce invalid time cost, starting from maintenance, do foolproof maintenance, in addition, including charging reminder, commercial vehicle navigation, etc., are needed to consider.Third, to create more profit space, can pull fast running, low weight, low fuel consumption, low energy consumption, smart travel, customized development, etc.Future products will be disruptive. First, they will be cool. For example, design, interior decoration, large screen, lighting and technological experience need to be considered.The second is intelligence, such as intelligent driving, intelligent interaction, intelligent cockpit and other areas around the whole driver, as well as the whole living cabin need to be considered.Three is low energy consumption, low wind resistance design, low rolling resistance tire, energy recovery;Four is the partner, to bring care to the user, the car as his partner, to provide him with more life, including entertainment, fun, also including active safety, passive safety, etc..Five is efficient, integrated, DORA fast running, super charging.Six is comfortable, spacious berth space, comfortable seat, etc.Liu Gang said that at present, the whole platform architecture has been developed to the 3.0 stage, and the platform architecture 1.0 is mainly based on the sharing of parts, focusing on the mechanical part.Platform architecture 2.0 should not only consider component sharing, but also consider the standardization and definition of interfaces.3.0 era is a completely new platform, not only to consider parts, consider interface standardization, but also to consider the high degree of integration and standardization of the entire electronic and electrical system.On the development prospects of new energy commercial vehicles, Liu Gang with “ask canal which clear so, for the source of flowing water to” statement expressed expectations for the future development.He said people should always be open to new things, to think fresh.As for enterprises, we need innovative ideas and innovative thinking.For the commercial vehicle industry, it is also more necessary to go upstream, to find a suitable living space, to find a better development.