Sui Xi traffic to escort the Spring Festival transport safety

2022-05-24 0 By

At the beginning of the New Year, suixi County welcomed the first snow of the Year of the Tiger.February 7, when the Spring Festival travel peak, the county transportation bureau to snow as the order, the first time to start the emergency plan, maintenance center quickly opened the “snow protection mode”, divided to the county’s main highways, to escort the people safely smooth return road.Based on past experience and the road patrol, county road maintenance of traffic transport center to tight layout, focus on prevention and control of the freezing disasters may occur trunk lines of the province, county road, intensify the road patrol and frequency, the traffic is relatively dense Sui yue road, sea Yang Lin, Korea, and other key road patrol 24 hours a day,Warning signs should be placed at road entrances, key Bridges and dangerous sections, and snow melt agents and anti-skid materials should be scattered.At the same time, pay close attention to weather changes, in accordance with the principle of “first urgent, then slow, first key, then general”, the combination of mechanical and artificial work to carry out snow melting.County transport bureau also strictly implement the system of on-duty duty, leadership and emergency information reporting system, to ensure that the snow removal work, timely and accurate release of highway information.We will strengthen communication and coordination with traffic police and emergency departments, do a good job in traffic control on key sections during rainy and snowy days, and call on all drivers and passengers to pay attention to road conditions and drive safely.Up to now, the county transportation bureau has invested more than 100 people, 7 maintenance equipment, 17.8 tons of anti-skid material, 1.25 tons of snow melt agent, the maintenance of the road safe and smooth.Wu Yongsheng wang Di Chuxu source: Zhongan Online