The East is competitive!Hawks reverse attack, nets 6 straight loss, 76ers 3, bulls top!

2022-05-24 0 By

NBA regular season, although the schedule has reached more than 50 games, but the current Eastern Conference is still very competitive, their record gap is much smaller than the West, among which the top 4 in the East only 1.5 wins difference between the eighth and first in the East 5.5 wins difference.With the nets’ recent losing streak, they have dropped to sixth place in the Eastern Conference, and the Heat have also lost consecutive games, they have relinquished the no. 1 position in the Eastern Conference, the relatively better bulls take the top spot, together with the current standings in the East!Number 1 is the bulls, record 32-18, compared to the top four teams, the bulls in the welcome back demar derozan and lavin, their squad is relatively healthy, although still less Bauer and caruso backcourt defense core, but with lavin + demar derozan, wu cut the base, allow them to play a stable team level,They are 4-0 in their last five games.Ranked second heat, record 32-20 negative, they recently suffered a wave of 3 in a row, current lineup, actually the heat is relatively neat, butler, adebayor has been return, plus the bench was the best sixth person, they will be the first eastern contender, veteran just now accused of WeiLuoRui also failed to return for the time being.No. 3 is the 76ers (31-20), who have to marvel at the dominance of Embiid, who has led an 18-game run of 25-plus points without Simmons and is now a serious contender for the top spot in the Eastern Conference.Fourth is the bucks, record 32-21 negative, is currently the bucks hit the top of the best opportunities, are they still is the most offensive and defensive balance theory, and the elder brother of the letters and Middleton, Horace mann di three person’s physical condition is very good, but they are not particularly strong recently, perhaps is to want to save power to the playoffs again.No. 5 is the Cavaliers, with a record of 31-21. At this point in the season, it can be said that the Cavaliers are truly on the rise this season.No. 6 nets, they have recently encountered 6 in a row, with 29-22, is really for everyone to see, the nets have no durant really nothing, may also not necessarily better than the lakers without James, harden can hit 37 minutes and the performance of the four points, even less power than even this.Seventh is the hornets, with 28-24, they recently suffered a 2 in a row, they are a young team of the alliance, with three goals and Bridges as the core, the level of their attack is one of the strongest alliance, but relatively also some lack, the stability of the state but garnett has been predicted three clubs become MVP player within three years.At no. 8 are the Raptors (26-23), who have won three straight. The Kings in the North have bounced back after losing Kawhi Kawhi and Lowry. Vanvleet has an All-Star game and Trent Jr. has five straight 30-point games.The celtics, who are 28-25 at No. 9, are also contenders.The Hawks (24-26), who have surged past the Wizards (24-24) and are not expected to make the playoffs again this season, are poised for a comeback against the Knicks (24-28), the Pacers (19-34) and the Pistons (12-39) and magic (12-41), who are at the bottom of the league.