Great progress!Construction of beams has begun on section 6 of Weiyan High-speed railway

2022-05-27 0 By

Yantai time on March 31-30 morning, the construction of weiyan High-speed railway section 6 entered an important node, since then, the project will start online and offline synchronization.Reporter Wang Yammeng: “This is the construction site of section 6 of The Weiyan High-speed Railway, which was built by China Railway Shanghai Bureau. Behind me, you can see the erection and docking of the first box girder, which marks the prelude of the erection of section 6 of the Weiyan High-speed Railway.”As the box girder is raised to the specified height, the skycar pulls the box girder slowly forward along the track until it reaches the designated pier 11# and abutment 12# and begins to lower down.The site construction personnel then on the box girder position, height of accurate adjustment.Han Gang, chief engineer of Fushan Beam Making Plant of China Railway Shanghai Engineering Bureau: “The most difficult point is that the control error is within 2 cm. If it is more than 2 cm, it will affect the overall structure of the upper part and there are certain safety risks.In the process of building the beam, we arrange 4 technicians, one for each corner, to control the error specially, and it must be controlled within 2 cm.The length of the beam is 32.6 meters, the width is 12.6 meters, and the total weight is 821 tons.”It is reported that 691 trusses of box girders are needed for section 6 of the weiyan High-speed Railway, which is 37.6 kilometers long.In order to promote the construction speed, the construction site adopts the synchronous way of box girder manufacturing and erection.Up to now, 150 trusses of box girders have been produced. It is expected that the prefabrication of all box girders will be completed in February next year, and the erection of all box girders will be completed in March the same year.China railway Shanghai bureau chief engineer Han Gang fukuyama system beam field: “under the bridge belongs to work offline, beams after finishing, including beam structure belongs to the online project above, there is no time frame beam before, can only work offline, beam live to do, now after frame beam, live is offline and beam appendages at the same time, can save time.”