One asymptomatic COVID-19 patient has been detected among quarantine control personnel in Changsha

2022-05-27 0 By

An asymptomatic COVID-19 case has been found in the nucleic acid test conducted by quarantine control personnel in Changsha, according to the Office of Changsha COVID-19 Prevention and control Headquarters.At present, relevant departments at the provincial, municipal and district levels have carried out investigations, isolated and controlled the traced secret connections and secondary secret connections, and the relevant sites have been thoroughly disinfected.Case: Xie Xx, female, 26 years old, is a potential contact of Liu XX, the reported case on March 28. She now lives in Hailuchun Community, Changsha County, and is the manager of Jiacheng Electric Appliance Store.On March 28, the patient was quarantined in a centralized area. On April 1, the nucleic acid test was initially positive and confirmed positive by the Municipal CENTER for Disease Control and Prevention. The patient was diagnosed as asymptomatic COVID-19 infection.Upon verification, the activity track is as follows: 9:00 on March 28, a four person self-drive to 㮾 Pear street jia Cheng electrical shop to work;10:14 Walk to the second store next door “Snack House” for shopping, then return to Jiacheng Electric Appliance Store;14:45 Walk to “Ba Tian Ri” (near the Monument of Tao Gong Miao Town) for nursing;15:30 go to 㮾 Pear street “Baisheng Express” to pick up the piece and return to jiacheng electric store, did not go out;22:50 Transfer to designated hotel for centralized isolation.If an asymptomatic infected person has any contact with the above-mentioned asymptomatic infected person, please report to the local epidemic prevention agency immediately and cooperate with health management such as quarantine, medical observation or health monitoring.Citizens to friends, please pay attention to the official authority, do not believe a rumor, not tale, continue to enhance awareness, make self health monitoring, wear a face mask, wash your hands often, more ventilation, regular disinfection, not gather, maintain social distance, active vaccine, nucleic acid detection, in accordance with requirements to enter public places active sweep “hunan place code”,People from other places should report to their communities (villages) and work units, and actively cooperate with the implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures.Office of Changsha COVID-19 Prevention and Control Headquarters on April 2, 2022