“Spring Walking grassroots” husband and wife team nursing assistant: “Take care of the elderly as their own relatives”

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Husband and wife file nurse Ye Lingmei and Zou Shuisheng began to busy lunch, for the elderly meal, some also need to feed rice, etc..By the end of 2020, there will be 6.67 million registered population aged 60 and above in Fujian province, accounting for 17% of the registered population, and it will reach 20% in 2025, entering a moderately aging society, according to the Fujian Provincial Civil Affairs Bureau.By 2050, it will reach more than 30 percent, entering a severely aging society.With the acceleration of population aging and social transformation and development, the family structure presents a trend of miniaturization, fewer children and empty-nest, and the pension problem is further highlighted, becoming an unavoidable social problem.To promote the high-quality development of elderly care services, it is urgent to build a team of professional elderly care service talents with appropriate scale, good quality, reasonable structure and reliable skills, so as to provide strong talent support for the promotion of elderly care services.As professionals engaged in life care and nursing services for the elderly, the service level of the elderly is directly related to the quality of life of many elderly people, especially disabled and semi-disabled elderly people.On the 11th, the reporter walked into the Fuzhou State de elderly health care center, to understand their usual work, a couple of file nurses Ye Lingmei and Zou Aquatic attracted the attention of the reporter.On the second floor of building 2, the couple takes care of more than 30 elderly people.Nearly noon time, the couple will start busy, began to cook for the old people, rice, some also need to feed, after eating, some old people also need to feed medicine, which drugs, how many doses, these details, they have to bear in mind.In the corridor on the second floor, there are many photos of the Spring Festival. In order to make the elderly spend a happy and happy holiday in the recreation center, the couple planned and completed many activities together.Ye Lingmei, a 50-something woman from Nanping, has 16 years of experience as a rural teacher before switching to the insurance service industry.”Both the insurance industry and the elderly care industry are service industries, and they both need to be responsible and careful. They can be said to be the same in concept. I started to work in the elderly care industry a few years ago, and soon STARTED to get used to it.I took care of the first old man in Fuzhou Guode Nursing Center for the Elderly.”Ye lingmei said, this job also means putting in a lot of time. It has been three years since I went back to my hometown for the Spring Festival. On the second day of the New Year, my son came to Visit us in Fuzhou, which was like a reunion in Fuzhou.Ye Lingmei’s husband Zou Shui two years before death also went to the health care center, Ye Lingmei described, her husband in her heart is very dependable, two people usually responsible for taking care of the elderly’s daily life, are with each other, also very tacit understanding.In the interview gap, Ye Lingmei is finishing clothes and combing hair for an old man, has been 90 years old old man kept telling the reporter, “her husband and wife are very good, very satisfied.”Recently, grandma Zhang Meihua and her family on this floor specially sent a banner to thank the professional nursing and care.Nursing is not only “technical” “hard work”, but also “conscience”.How to do it well?Ye Lingmei frankly, to take care of the elderly as their own relatives, heart, with love to take care of them, this is a very need to love the occupation, simple things repeat, repeat things to do.Reporter learned that, since last year, to the pension orderly national occupational skill standards (2019 edition) “and issued by the old-age nursing staff professional skills upgrading of fujian province (2020-2021) implementation plan of action came as an opportunity to continue to strengthen the construction of old-age service personnel in fujian province, in the province to select the first 10 endowment nurse training base at the provincial level,Expanding the scope of training for elderly service workers;Continue to carry out provincial-level training courses for elderly care workers, and carry out training for 39,000 elderly care workers by classification in the province.Organize 1,563 nursing staff from more than 600 nursing institutions in the province to participate in the 2021 provincial nursing professional skills Competition, and improve the social recognition and sense of honor of nursing staff.Nurse Ye Lingmei is feeding medicine to the elderly.Southeast network reporter Lin Xianchang photo nurse Ye Lingmei is combing hair for the elderly, sorting clothes.Photo by Southeast net reporter Lin Xianchang