“Inside and outside the game” than Zofia also cold iceberg beauty, red police 3 dasha actor introduction

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In the Red Police’s view of the world, defections within the Soviet Union were so common that every generation of communications officers must have participated in a rebellion against their superiors.Perhaps in Simu’s mind, the Soviet regime was never stable (in fact, it wasn’t), so the Soviet campaign in The Red Police was bound to involve internal rivalry.In the second generation, yuri betrayed the Soviet Union with the ability of mind control, and in the third generation, Chadanko became the prime minister through the time machine. They both have ambitions, and they were stopped when they wanted to kill the commander (player). The commander who stopped them, and the commander to assist the commander, are the Beautiful Soviet communications officer.Dasha Fedorovitch, an honor student at the Soviet Military Academy, took the place of the commander’s official communications officer, as Sophia of The second generation did not appear in the third due to a change in world lines.Dasha’s devotion to the Soviet revolutionary cause is unquestioned. It was Dasha who first paid homage to Chadanko when he returned from time and space, and was delighted when chadanko later survived the attack.Prime Minister Chadanko was so suspicious that even though the commander had followed his instructions without hesitation to eliminate the “traitor” General Krukov, Chadanko was determined to kill the commander who had been helping him to keep his power.Supposedly, out of the loyalty to the premier, Dasha should help the prime minister to eradicate commander, but get along with many days, let dasha to the commander’s degree of trust has already exceeded others.When Prime Minister Chadanko announces the elimination of General Krukov, Dasha chooses to help the commander in this task without hesitation;When Chadanko wants to destroy the commander, Dasha takes out Dr. Zelinski’s video, saying that she already knows the truth of the matter, and she will assist the commander to destroy the real traitor Chadanko of the Soviet Union.At the end of the original Soviet campaign, the commander becomes prime Minister of the Soviet Union and the world, and Dasha gives him her blessing.At the moment of the uprising, the Soviet Union, following the plot of the Allied campaign, has lost the victory of the Third World War. Dasha serves as the leader of the Soviet underground resistance organization. In order to resist the Allied forces, they find a new commander to lead them to fight.Unlike Zofia, Dasha never shows any affection for the commander from the original to the moment of the uprising.The words she says are rarely personal, but mostly related to the current war situation. Although she can make excited and angry expressions and movements when she is emotional, Dasha is more cold than Zofia, who is supposed to bring warmth to the player, like a real Soviet.And that, of course, is thanks to the performance of ivana Milisevich.Ivana Milicevich was born in 1974. Her family moved to Detroit, Michigan, when she was very young.Ivana began working as a model while she was in high school in Troy, Michigan, and later became a naturalized citizen of the United States.After graduating from high school, Ivana moved to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career as a stand-up comedian.Well, it’s not clear why a model would become a comedian (body type?).”But she didn’t waste her work experience by telling mostly stories from her modeling days.Starting in 1995, Ivana received a series of film and television jobs, mostly in small roles, but they gained her some exposure and contacts with directors and showbiz people.In 2006, ivana starred in the US comedy TV series Love Monkey, and in the same year played Varanka in Casino Royale, which further increased her popularity.In fact, Bosnia and Herzegovina was not part of the Soviet Union in history. It was part of Yugoslavia before the East European Revolution, but it was geographically close to Russia, so the appearance of Bosnia and Herzegovina might fit the American stereotype of Soviet people. Therefore, Ivana was invited to participate in the CG cut scene of Red Police 3 in 2008.Interestingly, Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union were part of the same communist bloc during the Cold War, but the relationship between the two Allies was not good. The role of Red Police 2, Soviet Communications officer Zohia, is also played by Alexandra Kaniak, who was born in Poland but has no love for the Soviet Union.Perhaps only people who didn’t like the Soviet Union would agree to take part in such a black Soviet production.In the end, Although Ivana has a certain popularity in the industry, she is not the kind of popular star, and she is not as beautiful as Eva, so there is not much to tell about her story, and there are not many records about her on the Internet.However, Ivana’s career has been relatively smooth compared to the other female stars in Red Alert 3, with a new film coming out until 2020.The fortysomething also gave birth to a son in 2018 and has since married her boyfriend Paddy Hogan.Well, that’s all for this issue. After introducing the Allied and Soviet communications officers, next time it’s the turn of the Rising Sun Imperial communications officer Toyama Sugi.Although The character in the game is Japanese, actress Kelly Hu is of Chinese descent and has starred in several famous films and TV series, such as X-Men and Cradle of Death.