The return passenger flow of Shanghai railway station remained low

2022-06-03 0 By

On February 5, the return passenger flow of Shanghai railway station remained low.On that day, 360,000 passengers were expected to arrive at the station, including 100,000 from Shanghai, 30,000 from Shanghai South and 230,000 from Shanghai Hongqiao.During the Beijing Olympics, Shanghai railway communications will do a good job besides train passengers security and health monitoring, through the station car circulation broadcast, screen scrolling remind, on-site staff to guide way, such as association, please cooperate with one-to-one security inspection, man-machine temperature measurement, Beijing health treasure green code and nucleic acid negative verification within 48 hours.Railway authorities remind passengers: In order to cooperate with local governments to further check epidemic prevention trips, 35 health trip inspection and customs clearance machines have been installed at the exit of Shanghai Railway Station.In order to facilitate passengers to quickly check their itinerary after leaving the station and avoid long queues and congestion, outbound passengers are advised to prepare their ID cards and application codes in advance and cooperate with the inspection of their itinerary.Author: Zhang Xiaoming Editor: Zhou Chen Responsible editor: Liu Liyuan