Two days to go!Houston rockets 4 chips no one?Two 4-year contracts. This one’s a bust

2022-06-03 0 By

On February 9, Beijing time, the NBA trade deadline is just two days away.This also means that in the next two days, expected or unexpected transactions will occur at any time.The Rockets’ Gordon Wood seems to be one of the favorites, and while Wood has said he’s ignoring trade rumors, there’s no reason the Rockets wouldn’t sell the double-double averaging big man if he had the right kind of money.Gordon, of course, is the one the Rockets are eager to sell, especially since Gordon, at 33 years old, can’t wait any longer.But in addition to wood and Gordon, who have received “definite offers,” the Rockets have several other players on the shelf.For now, shooter Aaron Brooks, small forward Luis Nuwaba, center Luis Theis and point guard DJ Augustin are mostly out of the rotation, and Silas will only give those players a chance if the Rockets’ current nine-man rotation doesn’t fit.But most of the time, all four were on the bench.Brooks is ok, he still has some playing opportunities, Augustin also fell out of the rotation in the previous few games, their two positions have been garrison – Matthews and Josh – Christopher replaced, and Shen Jing’s rise, also let the Rockets coach Silas dare to abandon center Daniel – Theis.As for small forward Nwaba, he played a bit in the absence of Jaylen Green and Porter, but was completely waived when both players returned.There has been a lot of trade rumors about the Rockets’ four players, but when it comes to the deadline, there are few or even “no” trades about these four players.That is to say, for the rockets have been sitting on the bench for four players, other teams are only looking at the real offer less.Even now it has reached the point where nobody wants to buy it.With two days to go before the market closes, trade news is expected to be flying around, but for the Rockets’ players, it has been surprisingly quiet.It’s a reflection of the fact that these players aren’t considered good players, because if the Rockets can’t even make the rotation, other teams won’t want them.DJ- Augustin and Nuwaba’s contracts are ok, they have at most one year left on their guaranteed contracts, the final season is a team option, but for Theis and Brooks, the Rockets want to dispose of their contracts, not easy.The Rockets signed Brooks to a new four-year, $7.2 million contract last summer in the offseason.They also signed Tyrus to a four-year, $36 million contract, which means the two are similar to what the Rockets signed this season. The four-year contract is neither too long nor too short.Each has three years to play on his contract in addition to the one he signed this season, and the Rockets will have to swallow those contracts if they can’t find another one.If the two contracts fall through, it will not help the Rockets rebuild.Now the Rockets have to take advantage of their last chance to get rid of these players and take whatever they can get, even if they have to eat some short-term junk contracts.The Rockets need to clear their roster and cap space now to get ready for this summer’s draft and free agent market.