Qinggang County Public Security Bureau online operation center: attack prevention governance “three in one”, to protect the masses “money bag”

2022-06-05 0 By

Because in recent years in telecom network fraud is marked characteristics involved network crime happens, such cases have accounted for more than 60% of the total county criminal both, in order to strengthen the online operation work in the new period, to respond the needs of the people, according to the national and the provincial public security work conference proposed the super-ministries, large launching the reform spirit, qinggang county public security bureau after full investigation and argumentation,Integrated business departments such as network security, intelligence, video investigation and anti-fraud, the “Online Operations Center” was established and officially put into operation in August 2021.Online operations center consists of two groups, respectively is it brigade brigade and action, the existing auxiliary police 32 people, and you take it, intelligence, video surveillance, anti cheat all job functions, mainly for the actual combat units at the grass-roots level investigation, catch fled, stability, etc. To provide technical support, the telecom network fraud involved, such as network integration of the whole chain of class.Since the establishment of the Online Operation center, 27 cases have been solved and more than 3 million yuan of economic losses have been recovered.Criminal compulsory measures were taken against 62 people, 30 people were punished with “two credit cards”, 123 bank cards and 78 mobile phone cards were seized, 170 people were punished with exit and entry control, and 3 fugitives were captured.Since the launch of winter training, the online operation center hit a local card receiving gang, arrested 5 suspects including Guan, punished 3 suspects including Liu, seized 9 bank cards and 6 mobile phones involved in the case, and seized more than 220,000 yuan of funds involved.In the provincial public Security department organized to carry out the “net action” uncovered 1 help letter crime;One case of concealing criminal proceeds was solved;Cracked 1 online gambling case;Arrested because of suspected fraud by chongqing police online chase li mou.