Sunac China recorded sales of 72.3 billion yuan in the first three months, with sales area of 5.33 million square meters

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The Paper reporter Li Xiaoqing On the evening of April 6, Sunac China (01918.HK) disclosed its unaudited sales performance in March 2022.According to the announcement, the contract amount of Sunac China in March was about 22.08 billion yuan, the contract sales area was about 1.535 million square meters, and the average contract sales price was about 14,380 yuan/square meter.By the end of the first three months of 2022, Sunac China has achieved a total contract sales amount of about 72.36 billion yuan, a total contract sales area of about 5.332 million square meters, and an average contract sales price of about 13,570 yuan/square meter.Sunac China has yet to disclose its 2021 audited annual results.On March 28, Sunac China announced that it would not publish the unaudited annual results of 2021 and postponed the board meeting.Melting and China said in a statement, the company consider has yet to complete part of the work the expected workload and time needed for preparation of financial statements, coupled with the recent caused by international rating agencies downgraded melts the Chinese rating questions about foreign loan, is actively communicate with relevant creditors solutions, such as the impact on the financial statements is uncertain,The 2021 unaudited annual results are not expected to be published on or before 31 March.The Company will publish the group’s audited annual results for 2021 as soon as practicable.In addition, sunac China also said in the announcement that a board meeting had been scheduled for Thursday, March 31, to consider and approve the 2021 unaudited annual results.The board meeting will be postponed as the company will not publish unaudited annual results for 2021.Trading in Sunac China shares has been suspended on the Hong Kong stock Exchange since 9am on April 1 after sunac’s unaudited 2021 annual results were not published on or before March 31.In addition, Sunac also said that based on the group’s unaudited data as of the end of 2021, it expects the net profit attributable to the company’s owners to fall by about 85% and core net profit by about 50% in 2021 compared with 2020.As for the reasons for the decline, Sunac claimed that it was mainly due to the investment loss of shell stock that the company disposed of in 2021, and the severe environmental impact of the real estate industry in the second half of 2021, the sales revenue of the company in 2021 decreased and the gross profit margin decreased.Combined with the provision of inventory impairment, receivables and other expected provisions for credit losses increased and other comprehensive factors.Sunac stressed that due to the impact of the epidemic and the significant uncertainties in the current industry situation, the amount of the company’s expected provisions for credit losses such as receivables has not yet been finalized.The Group will continue to take due account of forward-looking information and continue to assess its exposure to credit risks such as receivables, which may lead to further changes in net profit attributable to the company’s owners and core net profit based on the foregoing expectations.According to the data previously disclosed by Sunac, in 2021, the total contract sales amount of Sunac China was about 597.36 billion yuan, up 4% year on year. The total contract sales area was about 41.418 million square meters, and the average contract sales price was about 14,420 yuan/square meter.In 2021, the sales amount of equity contracts attributable to the company is about 361.57 billion yuan.Responsible Editor: Liu Xiuhao Photo editor: Shi Jiahui