“Life of PI 2” trailer comes, Qian Sanyan crazy dog food show love, “nod to kill” super sweet

2022-06-08 0 By

The trailer for Life of PI 2 has just arrived, and viewers are thrilled.We all want to see if the love between Qian Sanyan and Lin Miao-miao has progressed. Will they renew their relationship?It’s easy to imagine there’s a relationship between them, but it’s both sweet and sadistic.Their first love is beautiful, but also green.Lin Miaomiao is very likable.Entering the university, she was loved by many male students.Money trinity the whole person is mature and steady, but he has not been with Lin Miao miao express their own mind.The two personal feelings after going to the university develop rapidly, money sany crazy scatter dog food show affection.Money sany with Lin Miaomiao when expressing affection, this time money sany eyes only Lin Miaomiao, can not see others.Eye to eye, about to produce the spark of love.Lin Mi-mio in Life of PI 2 wears her hair long, giving her a very ladylike look.The Lin Miaomiao character that talks about love produced very big change, take the initiative to act in pettish money sany actually.Lin Miaomiao hugged Qian Sanyan’s neck and asked loudly, am I the most beautiful woman in the world?Money three face coddled to rely on Lin Miaomiao’s bosom, the scene is really very love.And when they have dinner with friends, the two show off their love by throwing dog food in front of everyone.The two are holding hands at the dinner table, leaning close together, a look is a sweet little couple.The trailer also shows Qian Sanyan embracing Lin Miaomiao.Lin miaomiao looked at Qian Sanyan with a coy face, and this time Qian Sanyan was very brave and generous to embrace Li Miaomiao.Two people in the university produced different feelings, the feelings between them have good, but also have green.Small noisy small can edify sentiment, bring different feelings to life.Remember the intimacy between Qian Sanyan and Lin Mi-mio in Life of PI?Nod to kill.Although Qian Sany did not take the initiative to say to Lin Miaomiao that he liked her, but in his various behaviors can reflect that he has different feelings for Lin Miaomiao.”Nod to kill” is one of the best examples, if not for Lin Miaomiao feelings, how could he make such an intimate move?And Lin Miaomiao also did not dislike him, that the heart or care about money trinity.Qian Sany do “nod to kill” action, Lin Miaomiao although feel very surprised, but in fact her heart is very happy.I can feel qian Sany’s feelings towards him, but I dare not admit that I have already liked him.At that time, they were in high school, so their love lines would not be too obvious, but in college, they were completely free to be themselves.Let your feelings come out of your heart.What interesting things will happen to them when they go to college?The biggest hotspot is the development of feelings between Money trinity and Lin Miaomiao.Are you looking forward to Qian Sanyan and Lin Miaomiao, for their relationship, what do you want to say, quickly leave your comments.