Nanming District and China Chuang Qianhai Capital Co., Ltd. discuss industrial development fund cooperation related matters

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On March 31, Nanming District held a discussion with China Innovation Qianhai Capital Co., LTD. The two sides had in-depth exchanges on jointly promoting the construction of industrial development fund and further promoting the combination of industry and finance.Huang Chenghong, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress and Secretary of the District Committee, presided over the meeting and made a speech. Du Lingyun, standing Committee member of the District Committee and executive deputy director of the District People’s Government, Zhong Liwen, industrial development consultant of the District People’s Government, Chen Qiang, deputy director of the District People’s Government, Yuan Fang, vice chairman of the District CPPCC;Wu Xiaoping, director and general manager of Zhongchuang Qianhai Capital Co., LTD., And Wang Wei, senior partner and chairman of Zhongchuang Qianhai Capital Co., LTD., attended the meeting.Huang chenghong welcomed The arrival of Wu Xiaoping and his delegation and thanked China Innovation Foresea Capital Co., Ltd. for its care and support for the development of Nanming District.She said the industrial fund is an important measure to guide social capital into industrial development, which is of great significance to activating industrial development momentum in Nanming District.At present, Nanming District is deeply studying and implementing the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech on inspection of Guizhou, seizing the great opportunity of the new State Development No.2 document, focusing on “strengthening provincial capital” and fully relying on the park platform, vigorously developing food and drug industry with the same origin.At present, sinochem, Zhongming Biotechnology and other project enterprises have settled in the park, which has initially formed a good industrial ecology and made new progress and achievements in various work. At the same time, more financial capital support is needed.China Innovation Capital has outstanding professional capacity and strong resource strength. We hope that both sides will further deepen cooperation in fund investment and other fields, promote the close connection between projects and capital, drive the gathering of more high-quality resources, further enrich the industrial system, and inject strong momentum into the development of the jurisdiction.In the next step, Nanming District will arrange special personnel to do a good job of docking services, pragmatically promote the establishment of industrial fund, play a role, to achieve win-win development of both sides.Wu Xiaoping gave a brief introduction to the main business of the enterprise and the basic situation of the cooperative fund.Create capital, he said, by the gem is the first chairman of the board of directors of listed companies as a shareholder or actual controller together, at present, and has set up a equity investment funds and produced three big city fusion business platform, always adhere to the “financial industry + + city” integration development model, to explore the new path of financial services for the real economy.In the next step, China Innovation Capital will give full play to its own advantages, actively use external capital channels, combine nanming industrial development plan, strengthen the cooperation at the fund level, further leverage the industrial upgrading and project construction of Nanming, and inject more power for the high-quality development of Nanming.Responsible persons of Guiyang Production Control Group, district directly related departments and state-owned enterprises attended.Nanming District rong Media Center reporter Qu Jiao Wang Lixia editor Tian Ju editor Tan Shilun Luo Chang