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The 24th Winter Olympic Games opened in Beijing on Feb 4, and every scene of the opening ceremony was breathtaking.The graceful and high-spirited guide held up the snowflake guide board, and each country’s delegation was like a snowflake. “Snowflakes” from all over the world gathered in Beijing. “Snowflakes of Yanshan mountain are as big as a mat”, guarding the “micro fire” together, representing a more united Olympic spirit.On February 5th, The Chinese team won the first gold medal, and the gold “Bing Dwen Dwen” became the “top stream” of the Winter Olympics. “No one can refuse ‘Bing Dwen Dwen’.Know the east wind surface, full of colors always spring.It is China’s solemn commitment to the world to offer a unique Winter Olympics to the world.The opening ceremony vividly demonstrated the “beginning of spring for all living things”, which breeds new vitality in the freezing weather. It led friends from all over the world to welcome the spring of 2022 and vividly told the world the story of China’s fine traditional culture.”The performance with light is impressive.”The guide put the ice and snow pattern of the Chinese painting on the body, as soon as the appearance, the Oriental beauty detonated the audience, straight to the heart, “Chinese traditional clothing is too beautiful.”With the spring breeze of “Winter Olympics”, China once again stood in the center of the world stage, attracting worldwide attention.It indicates that Olympic solidarity is the right direction for human civilization in the face of difficulties.It is in the form of competition, different skin colors, different cultural backgrounds of the nation closely linked together;The integration of Chinese civilization with that of other civilizations will surely promote the development of mankind as a whole and usher in a new spring for a community with a shared future for mankind.Without a cold biting, how fragrant plum blossom.The short track speed skating team, which won the first gold medal of the Chinese team, carried the national flag and shouted “long live the motherland, China will win”.To see the magnificent opening ceremony, to see the athletes on the field of fierce struggle, behind it is everyone’s hard work.Yan Zhen, a flag guard, had to complete the flag-raising movement within 35 seconds and practiced more than 100 times a day.When he raised the flag, he could not help but shed tears, which reflected his commitment to duty, but also his confession and pride of the motherland.The opening ceremony guide held the guide board for 50 minutes, always the most beautiful smile on his face.They went through four months of rigorous training, with hard work and sweat in exchange for the chance to show the world their “most beautiful”.Everyone in the Winter Olympics is meticulous and strives for perfection in every detail, in order to better show the world a true, three-dimensional and comprehensive China, and express with concrete actions the confidence and hope that people around the world will join hands, help each other and create a better future.Winter Olympics “top flow” ice dun dun, “never wither” cashmere flowers.China team won the first gold, Olympic athletes each harvest a golden “ice dun dun”, netizens have “for links”;One year old meng baby with strength to earn a “ice pier pier” envy evil friend;Prince Albey of Monaco wants to bring back two ice mounds…Bing Dwen Dwen is not only related to ice and snow sports, but also full of science and technology and futuristic sense. He shows the world the unique romance of ice and snow of Chinese people.At the award ceremony, the prize bouquet yarn flower once again popular, exquisite workmanship, soft color, with “never fade” characteristics.”A stitch and a line crocheted to create Chinese warmth and romance”, the yarn bouquet not only retains the shape of the bouquet, but also practices the concept of green Hosting the Olympics.From the poetic venues of “Ice Ribbon”, “Ice Cube” and “Snow Ruyi” to the smaller venues of “Ice Dandan Dwen”, “Snow Rhongrong” and “Winter Olympic Flowers”, all embody the beautiful nature of Resource-saving and environment-friendly China.From the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games to the immersive check-in of foreigners in the Olympic Village, the unique charm of Chinese culture has infected friends from all over the world.The volunteers made each team member feel at home with considerate arrangement and friendly service.”This feeling is something I have never experienced before.” Human feeling is independent of national boundaries and languages, as long as the heart can be perceived.The beautiful melody of “Together for the Future” will be presented to the world along with the friends circle of athletes from all over the world, so that the world can understand China and China can influence the world.(Text/Cartoon by Liu Yongyan, Associate professor of School of Marxism, China Three Gorges University/Le Cancan, undergraduate student of China Three Gorges University)