Six highly skilled talents from Shapingba were listed in the third batch of the city’s technical experts and Bayu Youth Stars

2022-06-11 0 By

Recently, chongqing High Skilled Personnel Work Association office announced the third batch of the city’s technical expert and Bayu Youth skills star list, shapingba district 5 highly skilled personnel won the city’s technical expert, 1 highly skilled personnel won the Bayu youth skills star.Lu Xianzhi (first from right) won the title of the city’s technical expert are: Chongqing electronic engineering vocational college Zhu Youbing and Lu Xianzhi, Chongqing Jiahe vocational training school Zhang Zhao and Liu Xigui, Chongqing Railway transportation technician College Hu Jilong.Liao Libo of Lixin Vocational Education Center in Chongqing was awarded the Star of Bayu Youth.Chongqing vocational training school in chongqing golden golden harvest vocational training schools, immediately Liu Xigui six awards from shapingba district in higher vocational colleges, the mechanic colleges and training institutions, intelligent manufacturing and modern service industries, shapingba district, is a representative of skilled personnel, the manifests the development of shapingba district high skill talented person high quality concrete results.Chongqing Lixin Vocational Education Center Liobo District human resources and social security bureau director said that up to now, Shapingba district has 149,000 skilled personnel, 46,000 high-skilled personnel.In the next step, Shapingba District will continue to strengthen the training of high-skilled leading talents, continue to organize and carry out high-skilled talent selection activities, give full play to the leading and demonstration role of high-skilled leading talents, and boost the high-quality development of regional skilled talents.