To make money, it’s essential to work hard. The most important thing is that you provide value first

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One can only make money if one first provides value.Jia has a former high school classmate who has been a baby mother for several years and now plans to start her own business.Not long ago, this female student asked me whether she should start a business.I asked her a few questions. First, did she have the means of production?Just like a farmer, he wants to make a living by farming, he must have his own land, to have oxen, to have all kinds of farm tools.You want to start a business are you going to start a company and have your own customer base?If there are no customers, do you know how to pilot a large number of customers in a short time?If you want to open a business, how much capital do you have?The second is are you consistent?Can you work under great mental pressure?For example, you have to work day and night with high intensity, which is the basic working attitude of an entrepreneur.If you continue to lose money or hit a career slump, you need to be at peace with yourself.In the face of customers or customer entanglement complaints, do not have any psychological pressure, which is often encountered by entrepreneurs.In addition, do not have any emotional waves at ordinary times.Can you do all that?The last question, the key to a successful startup, is where your core competitiveness lies, because when you start a startup, you’re not competing with a nine-to-six worker, you’re competing with a pack of entrepreneurs who are like wolves.As long as you’re stronger than the pack, you can survive.What makes you better than your peers is that you offer value that your peers do not.Just like the three major e-commerce platforms, JINGdong, Taobao, Pinduoduo, now live well and have their own values.Jingdong’s value lies in its high quality, Taobao in its variety of goods, pinduoduo in its cheaper.A lot of women are not quite suitable for entrepreneurship, mainly can not stand the hard work of entrepreneurship.Day and night work like donkey and mule, brain also like a wound up machine, thinking about all kinds of business problems, as well as the spirit to bear all kinds of emergencies and pressure.It is more difficult for bao Ma to start a business, because they are particularly dependent on their parents and husband.What matters is that you have little value to offer others.All of a sudden, she has to change her identity and provide value to society. She may not be able to adapt to it all of a sudden.In fact, whether a person starts a business or goes to work, if he wants to earn money from others, he must first provide his own value.You go find a job to work for a boss, the boss must be in the interview would hire you saw your value, if in the next one or two months of probation, you didn’t create any value for him, then you get this far, and the job is over, the boss after he see your value, your employment may be prolonged.A lot of people who are looking for a job always focus on how much the employer can offer, but rarely think about how much value they can bring to the employer, so when they are looking for a job, their career path becomes narrower and narrower.Often the kind of workers who are always thinking about how much value they bring to the boss when looking for a job end up going out on their own.It is also necessary for you to do “we media”, whether it is to write articles or shoot videos, or to provide emotional value, make people laugh, or share some of your own life perception, or share some of your life experience.People through reading your works, get spiritual satisfaction or learn something will pay attention to you.If you create something that has no value, you won’t have fans and you won’t be able to do it.Before Alibaba or Taobao, just do is to let businesses sell things for free on the above, and the platform also help you free to flow to help you promote, without any cost, attracted a lot of businesses to enter the above to sell things.Later the businessman is more and more, just begin to collect pit cost.The reason why there are more and more merchants is also because merchants have tasted the benefits of selling things on Alibaba or Taobao, and have learned the value of Alibaba and Taobao.Later, even if Ali and Taobao fees, but businesses are willing to pay fees, and more and more businesses pay fees.Eventually, Ma’s career went from strength to strength.That’s because Jack Ma is really valuable to businesses.