Why can Cui Hao’s Yellow Crane Tower be called the First of the Seven Laws?Where is its artistic charm and aesthetic value?

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Poetry is highly purified and refined language, like listening to the joys and sorrows of different souls, instantly brings you into a high state of energy…Cui Hao’s “Yellow Crane Tower” with a kind of nostalgia beyond time and space as the theme interspersed with the whole poem, with highly refined language to us describe the leisurely feelings of homesick wandering son…This kind of homesickness, like Chen Zi ‘ang’s great loneliness, permeates the universe and has been enjoyed by people for thousands of years.”Yellow Crane Tower”, as a poem about the past and the present, fully expresses the author’s frustration in his official career and his anger at having a difficult home.Cui Hao boarded the Yellow Crane Tower a moment touched by the legend of myth, a deserted feeling of loneliness, so that the poet savings in the chest of poetry gushing out, a thousand miles…In this context, the poem of the Yellow Crane Tower came into being.The whole poem is natural, wonderful, is the so-called “article of nature, the” is probably so!The Yellow Crane Tower Tang. Cui Hao Once upon a time, people had gone by yellow Crane, and the yellow Crane Tower was empty here.Yellow crane gone never to return, baiyun thousands of empty long.Qingchuan calendar Hanyang tree, luxuriant grass parrot continent.Sunset where is the village, the river makes people worry.The reason why Yellow Crane Tower has become a masterpiece of immortalized and praised by later generations as the seven principles of modern and ancient times is that the poem itself has a natural and unique aesthetic implication, and its aesthetic value and artistic charm are always shining with its ideological boundless: first, the artistic conception is extensive and ethereal;Time travel, climax.1. The virtual and the real coexist, and the distance and distance are mutually complementary.The author first focuses on the first line from the empty place from the name of the yellow Crane Tower allusion to write, the yellow Crane Tower.”Once upon a time, people have gone by yellow crane. Yellow crane tower is vacant here.”The fairy straddles the crane, which belongs to nothingness, and here the author deliberately “to have nothing to make, to make reality”, a “by”, a “empty”, there is a kind of time no longer, the regret of things:The poet came to the yellow Crane Tower full of beautiful vision, but the fairy drove crane yao no trace, crane to the building empty, in front of an ordinary visible river building, beautiful vision and ordinary river building difference, in the poet’s heart with a layer of wistful background, for the expression of nostalgia as a potential foundation.”Gone is the yellow crane”, obviously no longer time, ancient people could not see the regret;Fairy to the floor empty, only more than the sky white clouds, leisurely thousands of years, beginning to have the boundless world of the sigh, mang, sincere feelings.Then the poet returned to the reality, describing the scene before the author’s eyes when he boarded the building: The trees of Hanyang were clearly visible under the sunshine, the lush Parrot Island was clearly visible, and the dusk was gradually rising, where is my hometown?River smoke wave he can not help but reborn upset.In this way, one virtual and one solid, near and far contrast each other, the vicissitudes of the history of the Yellow Crane Tower and the poet’s homesickness is closely linked together, thus arousing people’s resonance…Yellow crane gone never to return, baiyun thousands of empty long.”The yellow Crane Tower has gone through thousands of years since the immortal departed.The meaning of “yellow crane” : in addition to the “crane” in the legend of the immortals, another deeper meaning means “everything, everything”.The meaning of “never to return” : the poet deliberately “uses the empty to make the real”, in addition to expressing the regret of “immortal people no longer”, there is a kind of “born at the wrong time, time and tide wait for no man” faint sadness.The implication of “white clouds” is not only the actual scene description, but also the lament of the unpredictable and boundless world affairs.”White clouds” and “empty long”, so that people see the vast space;”White clouds” and “thousands of years” make people see the infinite time.The combination of time and space gives rise to the depth of history and the openness of space, which further promotes the poet’s long nostalgia.Then the poet saw a natural picture of baiyun connected jiang foil more HongLi large, infection by this scene, the poet’s mood cheerful, gradually in the thoughts of it on the wings of breadth: the legend of the yellow crane tower’s long history and beautiful scenes in playback, but much transformed, cranes to floor empty…At this point, even if the old land wasteland, the seas run dry and the rocks crumble also still give up the continuous rural love, leisurely rural feelings can not help gushing up in my mind, cut constantly chaos…This sentence expresses the poet’s illusion that time is hard to come back, and the world is at a loss. It also foreshadowed the infinite melancholy thought that hometown is hard to return in thick and heavy colors described below, so it has become a famous sentence of deep concern and high-end atmosphere.Neck: “Qingchuan calendar Hanyang tree, luxuriant grass parrot continent.”A poetic turn of the neck, from writing the legend of the immortal, yellow crane and yellow crane tower, to write the poet saw the yellow Crane tower in front of the eyes, from writing illusory legend to write the real scene.Trees can be seen clearly in Hanyang City with clear skies, and lush grass on Parrot Island.It depicts an empty and distant picture, which lays a further foundation for the poet’s homesickness.Tail couplet: “sunset village pass where is?The misty river makes one sad.”The last couplet ends with the feeling of returning home at sunset on the misty river, making the poetry return to the vague and invisible realm at the beginning.The sun goes down, the night comes, the birds go home, the ships go home, the wanderers go home.But where is the hometown of the world wanderer?Hope not to wear the river on the fog of a misty, the poet can not help but sad from the heart, thousands of strands of sad thoughts burst out from the bottom of the spatter, asked the village not language, homesickness.Facing such a scene, who does not feel homesick?The poem ends with “sorrow”, which accurately expresses the poet’s melancholy feeling of climbing the Yellow Crane Tower at sunset. At the same time, it corresponds closely with the beginning of the poem, and expresses the lingering homesickness with the ups and downs of the writing style, so as to convey feelings beyond words, show pictures within feelings, and echo sounds outside the painting.2. The scene blends with each other.When the poet describes the scenery, he expresses his feelings and thoughts of climbing the Yellow Crane Tower in a grand manner.Atmosphere xuanzhuo and situational contrast layer by layer such as flowing water potential through a vein.”Gas is enough to fill, god is enough to transport”, the word “yellow Crane Tower” repeated not only not annoying, but also unique circulation of the beauty of the loop.Mencius said, ‘I am good at nurturing my noble spirit.’Han Yu “Answer Li Yi shu” said, “Qi sheng is short and long speech and voice of the high lower people are appropriate.”In the past, people have taken the yellow crane to go here, yellow crane building.Yellow crane gone never to return, baiyun thousands of empty leisurely “four sentences, imposing momentum, artistic conception, appropriately embodies the southern Liu Xie” wenxin Diao Long “in the literary theory:” the thinking of the article, its god is far.So silent coagulation, think for thousands of years;Silent yan move, see thousands of miles.”These four sentences seem to speak freely, a gas rotation, homeopathy, no stagnation or obstruction;The word “Yellow crane” appears again and again, the momentum of the pentium straight down, so that readers “hand waving five strings, watching feihong”.This is the meaning of the so-called “poetry does not harm meaning by law”.3. Detour and plantar, want to empty spirit.The poet repeatedly chanted the yellow Crane Tower through a chant, highlighting the concentrated expression of the poet’s unique feelings of melancholy and loneliness and the vagabondage of separation and vicissitudes of life.The whole poem closely “empty” this poem eye, constitute “floor empty – sky – chau empty – home empty” such a clue, empty, qifeng stack.Finally or roundabout stacking on a “empty” word, that is, “empty heart”.Yeah!Immortals do not return, people do not give birth, children do not return.It’s so unpredictable.”Empty”, no fairy;”Chau empty”, not see the literati;”Home empty”, no poets.Think of it, how can not feel empty heart?The poem here, the author of the kind of depression, melancholy, sad mood is all over.The structure of the poem is also orderly, seamless.No wonder the fairy also wanted to cry for it.4. There is an image in the mind, and the situation is born by the scene;Yuntuo moon, high feelings.On the whole picture presented in the poem, the close view, long view, day view and night view of the Yellow Crane Tower alternately appear, with wonderful changes and magnificent weather.Set off against each other are immortal yellow crane, famous tower resort, blue sky and white clouds, qingchuan sandbank, green trees and grass, sunset sunset river, bright image, colorful.The artistic conception is broad, the spirit is grand.The poet stands on the top of the Yellow Crane Tower and sighs for thousands of years. He sends his love to the white clouds, turning his sorrow full of wanderers into a vast river of smoke and waves, which further sublimates the whole nostalgia and the artistic mood of poetry…Two, the repetition of the same word, the beauty of the rhyme echoes on the paper.As the saying goes, “writing is like looking at mountains rather than flat”, the ups and downs of poetic language often play a good supporting role in the magnificence of the article, and the repeated use of the same words can effectively increase the beauty of poetry.The greatest artistic strength of this poem lies in the deliberate use of overlapping words and phrases.It successfully created the artistic creation of the poem overlapping words and repeated poetic history of the first.It can’t be said that it is a successful artistic exploration and adventure intentionally made by the author!Double tone, alliteration and the repeated use of words or phrases, such as “yellow crane”, “return” and other double tone phrases, “here”, “river” and other alliteration phrases, as well as “youyou”, “li Li”, “luxuriant” and other alliteration words, the achievement of sonorous rhyme, clear and harmonious music beauty.In the first half of the poem, the word “Yellow Crane” appeared three times. Zhao Cheneliphan, a scholar of the Qing Dynasty, explained in Shanmanlou Annotated Tang Poems of Seven Words: “The beauty lies in the fact that one day it is called” Yellow Crane “, then “yellow Crane”, and then “Yellow Crane”, which makes readers not feel annoyed and surprised.And then the white clouds, so that the reader does not suspect its abruptness, do not feel its appearance, do not surprise.Why?It is enough for the breath, enough for the god to carry.”3. The metrical form is eclectic, and the form and content are perfectly integrated.”Yellow crane tower” the biggest bright spot is that the poem USES the law and the ancient, ancient and new physical law of a certain technique to display the artistic conception of the poem to the extreme, the poem on the artistic conceptions of gaining and unique, fully shows the poet control rules of a certain deep attainments, literary language and the poetry of utmost to achieve the perfect fusion of form and content.It the original architectural patterns of level and oblique tones oblique to the rules and carried out a bold sublation, the first four words of level and oblique tones uncharacteristically jump out to the rules and mold, repeated fold with “yellow crane tower”, to the poet’s “homesickness” adds infinite long aftertaste, and then four is completely follow oblique level and oblique tones of the original rules, neat antithesis, for that.The whole poem is magnificent, compared with seven words and eight sentences of mechanical rigid matrix model can vividly show the poet’s unique personal artistic charm and talent…The incisive play of the new style of regulated poetry by Cui’s Yellow Crane Tower undoubtedly has a profound historical influence on the creation of later generations of regulated poetry, and also provides a good model for us to re-understand the style of regulated poetry…This is exactly where the artistic charm and aesthetic value of Yellow Crane Tower lies…His unique artistic innovation has a certain influence on Li Bai’s later creation.”Legend of the Tang Scholar” li Bai boarded the Yellow Crane tower to compose poems, because see Cui Hao this, for the hands, said: “there is a scene can not, Cui Hao poem in the top.”However such, Li Bai still heart has disobey, had then “parrot chau”, “ascend Jinling Phoenix terrace” wait for famous article excellent work, also be made up for drop fairy before one’s death regret!Yan Yu “Canglang Poetry” said: “Tang seven words poetry, when Cui Hao” Yellow Crane Tower “for the first.The beauty of poetry lies in the harmony and unity of form and content.The beauty of content lies in the substance and order of speech;Beauty is writing the truth of love, write the depth of love, write love skillfully.The form of the United States, the United States in the language, the United States in refined and vulgar appropriate, the United States in the shallow depth of the degree, the United States in sonorous cadence, loud and smooth……Although the standard pattern of meter level and oblique tone can be said to be the best pattern of rhythmic beauty, it lacks the beautiful rhyme of circular circulation…Based on such a deep consideration, Cui Hao boldly innovated in the poem yellow Crane Tower, breaking the mold!The first half of the poem is in ancient style, and the second half of the poem is in accordance with the standard pattern of rhythm and level, which expresses the author’s strong homesickness with the new pattern of half ancient and half rhythm, which not only takes into account the formal beauty of the poem but also raises the artistic conception of the whole poem to a new height.Cui Hao’s writing concept of “artistic conception first, rhythm second, literary theory first, grammar second” is not worth thinking about as modern people?”Shang Shu · Yao Dian” said: “poetry and ambition, song forever, according to the sound of eternal harmony, harmony, eight grams harmonic, no phase take lun, god and man.”Cui Shi did not pay more mental efforts in metrical skills, but revealed her true feelings. Such works have conquest power in the mind and have visual appeal, thus producing powerful shock power from the spiritual level……Therefore, Cui shi “Yellow Crane Tower” today ancient seven law of the first worthy, as the law of the law also!I am treading waves xiaoxiang, the article viewpoint if has the error please criticize correct, not stingy give advice!(Welcome to visit, comment, message exchange)