Good news!Central heating hours have been extended in many places in Henan province

2022-06-13 0 By

On March 15, the reporter learned from henan province housing department, according to the relevant provisions of the city central heating today, weather forecast recently I province temperature will drop significantly, Zhengzhou, Puyang, Hebi, Shangqiu, Luohe, Lankao and other places of the city central heating will be extended for a week, Anyang city extended heating for 5 days.It is understood that zhengzhou city according to the “Zhengzhou City Urban heating and heat management Measures”, the urban heating time is 0 o ‘clock on March 15.Due to the weather forecast that the temperature drops sharply around March 17th, there will be a cold wave for about a week. In order to ensure that residents and users can warm through this period, zhengzhou Municipal People’s Government has been requested to extend the heating period in the city’s main urban area to 0 o ‘clock March 22nd, 2022. No additional charges will be charged for the extended heating period.The airport port area, the upper block, the city and county of the implementation of reference.The central heating system in Puyang city stopped heating at 24:00 on March 15th. The meteorological department predicted that the temperature in Puyang city would drop around March 17th, accompanied by a weak precipitation process, and the temperature difference between day and night was large.At the same time, considering that the current is a critical period in the fight against COVID-19, the elderly and students are still mainly staying at home. In order to effectively improve the quality of life of the general public, puyang Municipal Party Committee and Government have decided to extend the central heating system in urban areas of the city to 24 o ‘clock on March 22 for 7 days, and users do not need to pay extra fees.The heating departments of Hebi, Shangqiu, Luohe, Lankao and other places have extended the central heating period to 24 o ‘clock on March 22 after requesting the consent of the people’s governments of the local provincial cities.Anyang city government study, decided to anyang city central heating shutdown time to March 20 24 hours, extend the heating for 5 days;Linzhou city heating time with anyang urban areas, also extended to March 20.I province each district, during prolonging heating all no longer collect fees to the resident.Live in henan province construction hall, said an official with the city management related cities in our province heating according to related regulations, the administrative department under the party committee, government support, combined with the situation around decided to extend the heating time, fully embodies the “people centered” concept of urban management, improved the quality of life of residents users, safeguard the vital interests of the people.(Transferred from: Henan Daily client) Source: Henan Published