Ford has hired another tesla star

2022-06-18 0 By

As the competition between car companies for electric vehicles continues to escalate, talent competition has become a major play, and Tesla is undoubtedly the treasure house of talent competition among traditional car companies, which can be called the Huangpu Military Academy of electric car industry.Recently, Alan Clarke, an engineer who has worked at Tesla for nearly 13 years, joined Ford motor to lead “advanced electric Vehicle development.”Alan Clarke has extensive experience at Tesla as director of New project Engineering, Senior Manager of new project Engineering, and Senior Design Engineer.Alan Clarke has since updated his linkedin profile, and Ford has confirmed that Clarke has joined the company and reports to Doug Field, who was hired last year after working at Tesla for years before joining Apple to build cars.Ford plans to produce 600,000 electric vehicles over the next two years, according to CEO Jim Farley.Following Tesla’s example, Ford is making its electric vehicle offerings more competitive by cutting costs. For example, the manufacturing cost of the Mach-E has been reduced by $1,000 by improving productivity.This also explains why Ford hired senior engineering project leaders from Tesla to improve the process of electric vehicle manufacturing, improve efficiency and reduce costs.In order to fundamentally challenge Tesla’s leadership in electric vehicles.The hiring of Tesla engineers is the latest move by Jim Farley, who since becoming FORD’s CEO has been increasingly aggressive in electric vehicles and has convinced Wall Street that Ford can compete with tesla and other start-ups in electric vehicles and technology.Ford has increased spending on electric vehicles since Jim Farley took over in October 2020 and plans to invest $30 billion in electric vehicle products by 2025.Ford began delivering all-electric versions of its all-ride vans to customers earlier this week, and plans to introduce the F-150 Lightning this spring.This article is a copy of the original article, please contact the original author and indicate the source, plagiarism will be prosecuted.