The 2022 Dongcheng District Intangible Cultural Heritage Spring Festival theme activity will be held online on Jan 30

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The Spring Festival is the most solemn traditional Festival of the Chinese nation, carrying rich historical and cultural connotations. After thousands of years of continuous evolution and development, various customs of celebrating the Spring Festival with strong regional characteristics have been formed in various forms. Among these customs, “sending blessings” is essential!Inheritance people collective send best wishes to Chinese knot art inheritance of wang wei to make send fu works on January 30, 2022, in dongcheng district non-material cultural heritage protection center together with rhythmic storytelling to clapper accompaniment, Beijing velvet flower (bird), painting of snuff bottles and other intangible heritage, their skills to welcome the New Year’s dream, give you send blessings from the intangible.Yang Yue, inheritor of Beijing paper-cutting, and Zang Zhibiao, inheritor of Old Beijing peddling, An Ziyuan, inheritor of Tolaibao (Allegri), Have you arranged your Spring Festival holiday?Maybe, you can cut the character fu, write a Spring Festival couplet, steam the edible “meng” tiger together with our activity and the inheritor teacher…When you receive the blessing from Dongcheng Intangible Heritage, you can also pass this blessing to more friends and relatives through your own hands.CAI Zhiwei, the inheritor of Beijing Velvet flower (velvet bird), Qiu Yunhe, the inheritor of Beijing cashmere flower, and the Winter Olympics, which is indispensable for this holiday season!Our old Beijing flannelette, has “fly” on the winter Olympics award dress, let our traditional skills, for our Olympic athletes to send the best wishes, bless them brave achievements, win glory for the country!”Intangible Cultural Heritage Annual Gathering blessing for Spring Festival” — 2022 Dongcheng District Intangible Cultural Heritage Spring Festival theme activity will be held at 10:00 on January 30, through online means to meet you.You can follow the activities through the wechat video account (INTANGIBLE Heritage 101) and Douyin (Intangible Heritage 101), and celebrate the New Year together with Dongcheng Intangible Heritage!