Improve students’ labor literacy!Yantai education Bureau released a list of housework for students during winter vacation

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Qilu Evening News · Qilu Yipoint reporter Li Nannan winter vacation is to cultivate students’ ability to do housework.On January 26, the reporter learns from yantai city bureau of education, to enrich students winter vacation in the city life, cultivating students’ good habits of labor, labor and housework, the bureau issued by the students of yantai in 2022 winter vacation housework list, such as the city’s primary and middle school students, vocational colleges students winter vacation housework specific requirements are put forward.According to the circular, the education administrative departments of each district and municipality, as well as schools directly affiliated with them, should attach great importance to the improvement of students’ housework quality, strengthen the education of students’ housework during the winter vacation, and timely distribute the housework list to each class and student through the school.Each school should strengthen the organization and management of this work, assign special departments to be responsible for, have arrangement, have action, have inspection, list the completion of the situation into the student comprehensive quality evaluation.Teachers should be guided to take effective ways to guide students to carry out housework through class QQ groups, wechat groups and so on.We should make use of home-school cooperative education mechanism to guide parents to do a good job in the implementation of students’ housework list guidance and evaluation.After the winter vacation, students should submit a housework list feedback form, and students in grade three and above should also submit a labor summary.The school should organize labor perception exhibition and evaluation or housework skills competition to test the achievements and actual effects of winter vacation housework, and check the omissions in daily labor education and teaching, and comprehensively improve students’ labor literacy.Annex: Yantai 2022 winter vacation students housework list i. Primary school lower grades (grade 1-2) 1.Wash your face and brush your teeth every day. 2. Fold your clothes every day. 3.5. Wash small items like socks at least once a week. 6. Make a fruit platter or vegetable salad for the family once a week.1. Make your bed every day. 2.Wash dishes and chopsticks at least three times a week. 3. Cook porridge or rice at least once a week.Mop the floor at least once a week 6. Make and serve tea for parents on weekends 7. Wash single clothes with washing machine once a week 3.Clean the living room once a week. Clean the toilet once a week. 4.Make a nutritious meal for your family at least once a week. 5. Make sheets and quilt covers once a week. 6.1. Wash dishes and chopsticks once a day 2.Be a household bookkeeper for a week. 3. Clean the stove once a week.Clean or maintain shoes, sports shoes, etc. 6. Make a family trip plan 7.Cook at least one meal a week for the family. 2. Clean and maintain home appliances such as air conditioners.Make a shopping list and go shopping in the supermarket independently 5. Finish online shopping independently 6.Use washing machine to wash bulky clothes for family 7. Clean a range hood, microwave oven, rice cooker and other kitchen appliances 6, ordinary high school, vocational technical secondary school, vocational colleges 1.Cook at least once every three days. 2. Organize and clean your clothes for the seasons. 3.Clean your room thoroughly 5. Test and repair small appliances 6. Design a home environment beautification plan 7.Plan a family dinner and make a holiday meal yourself