The police went on foot late at night to rescue the trapped boy

2022-06-20 0 By

Recently, police from Shuanglang Police Station of Dali City public Security Bureau jointly rescued a trapped boy.At about 20 o ‘clock on February 2, shuanglang police station received an order from the command center that a 15-year-old boy named Xiao Yang was lost on a mountain and in urgent need of help.After receiving the police, the police station attached great importance to it and immediately organized personnel to arrive at the scene.On the way to the police, the police repeatedly contacted the trapped boy, but the boy was emotional and could not say where he was.In order to keep him calm, police officers kept comforting the trapped boy and telling him not to move, protect himself and wait for rescue.At the same time, the police contacted Xiao Yang’s parents learned that Xiao Yang department with his family to play chicken foot mountain, on the way back and his family lost.According to the description and clues of family members, the police immediately organized personnel to look for the forest, with active cooperation of forest protection personnel, after more than four hours of rescue, finally found the trapped boy Xiao Yang, the police will be sent home safely.