Abuse love: dig out urn tightly embrace in the bosom grief desire absolutely, “wife, come back good or not?”

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Hello, everyone, we met again in the vast sea of people, as a veteran novel lover, the following small make up to share my own unforgettable novels, to ensure that everyone has one breath to read the impulse.If it looks good, don’t forget to save it, so you won’t get lost next time.Today xiaobian recommend to everyone: abuse love: dig out the urn tightly embrace in the arms of grief, “wife, come back good?”The first book: “His Pathological desire to control me” by: Lettuce Profile: Lu Mo was the joy of her youth, but also she is now the devil.Guide into the pit: just half a month, Nan Wei experienced miscarriage and strong aphrodisiac torture, the body weakened a lot.Some time, Lin Xiran went abroad to deal with some private affairs, came back to know nanwei was Yang Ancheng drugged things.When the hospital saw her pale face, he could not help holding Nanwei and said lovingly, “Weiwei, let me help you pay off Uncle Lu’s debt.””No.”Nan Wei shook her head.”Why not?Lin Xi-ran hugged her more tightly, the tone of some worry, “as long as the debt of Uncle Lu, you don’t have to be so wronged, don’t have to suffer so much.”Nan Wei tried to push him away, but she could not. So she said, “You have helped me many times before. I still owe you a large sum of my mother’s medical bills.Lin Xi-ran forcibly hugged her, gently said: “Vivian, it doesn’t matter, I hope you owe me the more the better, so you can never leave me.”(click below free reading) the second: “abuse love into marriage: prisoner pet charming wife very sultry” author: Qu Yi Yang Liu introduction: back patricide mother charge, she recognize, who let her chess difference a move, have no bead.Three years in prison! She deserved it!After prison, Tan Xinyao wanted to start again, the past cut.But do not want to deceive the man who dallied with female feelings mean female to kill, step by step, oath to treat her and death.What can be done?Bow is will bow, this time, she will try to hold on!Pit guide: “Doctor, you are also a woman I beg you!Don’t hurt my baby!Tan Xinrui!Isn’t that what you want, my kidney?I’ll give it to you, I’ll give it to you, if you’ll let me have that baby safely!”The syringe was about to Pierce her skin, Tan Xinyao or put down his dignity begged Tan Xinrui.Tan Xinrui ha ha a smile: “elder sister, you say what crazy words, your kidney is mine originally?Night white kind and you to discuss, but you soft don’t eat you have to eat hard, I also can’t.”Unfortunately, Tan Xinrui does not eat this set, abortion agent was injected into her body, Tan Xinyao was also released.Like a broken puppet, she knelt on the ground, but after ten minutes, she felt a suffocating pain in her stomach.Tan Xinyao rumbled in the ear, clearly looked at Tan Xinrui mouth mouth mouth boss with a proud face, is unable to hear the sound, she tried her best to stand up a few times, just stood up.There was a stream of heat from her thighs. It was gone, really gone.”Tan Xinrui, Lu Yebai!”Tan Xinyao issued a howl, pushed aside the bodyguard “bang” into the corner just picked up the table.Blood ran down her forehead, and she fainted as she went dark.Tan Xinrui was the scream of the heart panic, ah stood up, how did not expect tan Xinyao would react so strongly.”What are you all waiting for?Drag him down and save me alive. Then prepare for the kidney transplant.”Tan Xinrui abandoned kicked Tan Xinyao, ordered to leave the mouth and nose.(click below to read for free) the third book: “Mr. Mu every day in the whitewashing” author: Zhu Musong introduction: Abuse love: dug out the urn tightly embrace in the arms of grief, “wife, come back good?””I love you, you deserve?”Before the divorce, Muzinant abandoned her.Think she is really dead, Mu Jinnan dug out her urn tightly hold in the arms of grief, “wife, come back good?”A few years later, when he saw her carrying a bun that looked exactly like his, Mu jinnan burst into tears of joy.At the same time 10,000 horses galloped past him, and who was the man he had buried in his garden all these years?Pit guide: looking at the man’s cold figure, as usual to take a bath, wash off the taste of her, her heart mercilessly gripped, uncomfortable, suddenly have a kind of impulse.She threw herself at him and hugged him tightly.”Mujinnan, did you love me?”Hoarse voice, tried her best to shout out, she was afraid that he would not loud point to see his humble.In love, who is destined to fall in love first, who is in a weak position!”Just a little!Mu Jinnan mou bottom delimits – wipe sneer, make a force, easily push her away.He turned and looked down at the woman, who was lying on the floor in confusion.Tone mocking cold heartless, “appearance you return true enough shameless, you have what qualifications to get my love!?”The colour drained from her face, and pain stifled her heart.The sadness of her eye bottom and despair, bright shook mu Jinnan’s eye.This woman at this moment of appearance, is never gorgeous, his heart can not help but accelerate up, but soon his eyes of the amazing was replaced by cold desert.He withdrew his eyes from her and looked away.Cold anger hissing, “the moment you forced Jiamei away and married me instead, you should have understood that some things are not for you!”As he looked at the way he hated himself, he suddenly felt that no matter how long it took, he would never fall in love with her.How silly of her to expect his love!They’ve known each other for 20 years. If he had feelings for her, he would have.What is more ridiculous is that their feelings are weak to compare with Lin Jiamei, whom he later met.”Mu Jinnan, I have never done anything wrong to you. I did not force Lin Jia-mei away.That is her own escape marriage, how can you calculate to my head, is her own don’t want you, I am for don’t let mu home disgrace, just marry to you!”(Click below to read it for free.) That’s all for today’s recommendations. What would you like to say to the editor?Military marriage: she is an orphan girl, there are dark and cruel means of the only weakness is love he passed through the ancient system in hand, raising a pair of dragon and phoenix children eat and drink not worry, happy match immortal “Strong marriage Hao Chong:If she wants to marry, she must marry the most powerful man in the world.”Warm marriage mistake caused disease jiao chief” his high childe sometimes cool cold taciturn sometimes sick jiao shameless