Liu Dong has been sentenced to death in the second trial of dalian’s “May 22” car hit-run case

2022-06-26 0 By

On February 9, 2022, the Liaoning Higher People’s Court made a public judgment on the case of appellant Liu Dong endangering public security by dangerous means, rejected the appeal, upheld the original judgment, and reported to the Supreme People’s Court for approval of liu Dong’s death sentence in accordance with the law.The Higher People’s Court of Liaoning Province found that:At 11:40 on May 22, 2021, liu Dong, the appellant, was driving his BMW car from west to east along Wuhui Road, Zhongshan District, Dalian. Unable to accept the reality of failed investment, he suddenly accelerated, deliberately ran a red light, and collided with pedestrians crossing the road at the zebra crossing at the north gate of Wuhui Road Labor Park.Five people were killed, two seriously injured, four slightly injured and two injured.Liu then drove on to the intersection of Wuhui Road and Jiefang Road, where he rear-ended a van and stopped. Liu abandoned the car and fled the scene and was arrested in the afternoon.The Dalian Intermediate People’s Court of Liaoning province sentenced Liu Dong to death and deprived him of political rights for life after the first-instance verdict found him guilty of endangering public security by dangerous means.After the sentencing, the defendant Liu Dong refused to accept, put forward an appeal.Appeals court by a public trial that the appellant liudong because investment failure, venting in extreme way, driving speed on public roads in the center of the city area, deliberately rushed through a red light, collision is the pavement of pedestrians crossing the street, caused many people death, injury and property damage to others, the measures are extremely cruel, if the circumstances are especially bad, and the consequence is extremely serious,The above ruling was made after the first instance court determined that the facts were clear, the evidence was solid and sufficient, the conviction was accurate, the punishment was appropriate and the trial procedure was legal.Source: Liaoning High Court