Forge ahead, together to the future, Chongqing Wanzhou No. 2 High School grade one tug of war competition was brilliant

2022-07-06 0 By

In order to enrich the students’ campus cultural life, cultivate the students’ teamwork ability, enhance class cohesion yesterday, Wanzhou No. 2 high school grade one held to “forge ahead, together to the future” as the theme of the tug of war competition.All the students participated in this activity with great enthusiasm.Before the competition, class 22 students performed a wonderful opening dance, which greatly boosted their morale.Each class also carried out a warm-up exercise, the students could not resist the excitement of the heart, when the referee ordered, they immediately entered the state, I saw the students clenched the rope, heart to a place to think, force to a place to make, Shouting a neat and loud slogan “one or two, one or two…”Pull back as hard as you can.Around the students and the class teacher teachers formed a cheerleading, Shouting refueling, refueling!Whistles, shouts one after another, the scene of fierce competition will be the climax of the whole activity.In the moment of victory and defeat, we grit our teeth, do not retreat, stick to it, with their hard work interpretation of the “Ren East and south wind, reading success in two” of the pursuit of excellence.