Star half lead down more than 9%, chip ETF down more than 3%, the net inflows of nearly 20 million yuan

2022-07-06 0 By

Chip plate lower, Star half lead down more than 9%, Sirepu down more than 8%, chip ETF(512760) down more than 3%, turnover of more than 200 million yuan, the net inflow of nearly 20 million yuan.Chip ETF(512760) net inflows over 260 million yuan in the past 5 trading days, net inflows over 2.5 billion yuan in the past 60 trading days.Citic Jiantou securities, benefiting from servers, mobile phones, PC and other downstream demand driven, memory chip market scale rapid expansion.In the next few years, server, mobile phone and PC will still be the core applications of memory chips. Among them, server demand will grow significantly and become the main driving force, while the demand growth of mobile phone and PC will mainly come from the upgrade of storage.In addition, benefiting from the intelligent car, the car storage demand will continue to increase, the long-term market is expected to be comparable to PC.