10 shots missed, Manchester United eliminated, Cristiano Ronaldo takes the blame, tragic birthday night

2022-07-13 0 By

Speaking of middlesbrough, I think most of the fans are not familiar with this team, they come from the English Championship, they are unknown.But it was this little-known team that opened the eyes of fans around the world today when they knocked out English giants Manchester United in the fourth round of the FA Cup.United had the most chances in the game, a crushing presence, with 70% possession and a shot ratio of 30 to 6, five times better than their opponents.But with such a huge advantage, United only managed to score one goal and they missed seven excellent chances.Cristiano Ronaldo is the chief culprit.According to Squawka, Ronaldo had a third of his team’s 10 shots on goal but missed none, squandered his chances and even missed a penalty kick.Sancho scored in the first half to give United the lead and middlesbrough scored controversially in the second.The assist player handball when stopping, but the referee and VAR rule it is valid.(Under the new rules, accidental handball by a teammate before a goal, or an accidental handball that gives your team a chance to score, will no longer be considered a handball offense.)The goal was debatable, but United’s exit was their own problem.Couldn’t beat them in regulation time, couldn’t beat them in overtime, and it went to penalties.The first five from both sides scored, and then went to a single round decision before united were eliminated in the eighth round when Iranja missed a penalty.It is worth noting that Ronaldo was the fourth player in the shootout, rather than the fifth, which ronaldo fans believe is the most important.The fifth person to appear is fee B.It seems fergie is the one with the more pressure tolerance and the bigger heart.But this is the same player, his first player position, lost to Cristiano Ronaldo.Contradiction.The match also put Ronaldo in an awkward position.In the previous round of the fa Cup, United’s opponents were Aston Villa and the Red devils went through with a win.Ronaldo was left out of the squad and the Reds had only seven shots on goal and no penalties.Against Championship side Middlesbrough, Ronaldo started and played 120 minutes, scoring 10 goals and one penalty, but failed to score.No contrast, no awkwardness.Today is the 37th birthday of Cristiano ronaldo. I wish him a happy birthday and a good harvest this year.