How many kilometers is it from Jiyuan to Zhengzhou

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140.3 km from Jiyuan to Zhengzhou.1. Jiyuan, a city under the jurisdiction of Henan Province, is the birthplace of yu Gong’s story of moving mountains and one of the 9 central cities in the Central Plains City Group of Henan Province.Jiyuan city is located in the northwest of Henan province, the southern foot of Taihang Mountain, adjacent to Shanxi Province, a warm temperate monsoon climate.Four distinct seasons, mild climate, light, heat, abundant water resources, very conducive to the development of industrial and agricultural production.However, it is significantly affected by the monsoon, with distinct cold and hot seasons and obvious drought or semi-drought seasons. The temperature rises quickly in spring, with more wind and less rain and frequent droughts.2. Zhengzhou, also known as Shangdu or Greentown, is the capital of Henan Province and an important central city in central China.The flora of Zhengzhou city belongs to warm temperate deciduous broad-leaved forest vegetation type, and the plant resources are typical of Poplar Songshan and Yellow River wetland plants.Zhengzhou city has a total of 78 families, more than 250 genera, more than 400 species of tree, common plants are White poplar, Daguanyang, poplar, ailanthus, paulownia, Cypress, Vitriol, Motherwort, horsetang, oxyegrass, setaria.3. Zhengzhou, located in the hinterland of the Central Plains, has a temperate monsoon climate with four distinct seasons. The terrain is high in the southwest and low in the northeast.Zhengzhou staple food to pasta, pasta and white flour (wheat flour) food mainly zhengzhou risotto noodles, roughage noodles only as a nutritional match and adjustment taste, small demand.Common noodles do food steamed bun (steamed bread), vegetable steamed bun (also called food python or vegetable dragon), oil roll, steamed stuffed bun, burning mold, oil cake, vegetable box, baked cakes, fried dough sticks, fried vegetable corner and so on.