The composite index increased 36 places compared to last year!Tangshan achieved a new breakthrough in improving air quality in January

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Hebei News (correspondent Tang Jianxun Hebei Daily reporter Tang Runqing) new start, new atmosphere!Since this year, tangshan in scientific, accurate, system control pollution of the pollution treatment, make the tangshan in 2022, the comprehensive control of atmospheric pollution and stable “back ten” work plan “, to promote continuous improvement of atmospheric environment quality in January new breakthroughs were made in air quality improvement efforts, and the comprehensive index monitoring in the national 168 key cities from good to bad ranked 97th,That’s up 36 places from the same period last year (61).According to third-party monitoring data, from January 1 to 31 this year, tangshan’s air quality composite index 4.99, down 13.37% year on year, the composite index in the 168 key monitoring cities from good to bad ranked the last 97, compared with the same period last year (down 61), up 36 places.PM2.5 concentration was 56 micrograms per cubic meter, flat year-on-year;PM10 concentration was 87 μ g/m3, down 20.91% year on year;SO₂ concentration 11 micrograms per cubic meter, down 38.89 percent year on year;NO₂ concentration 44 micrograms/cubic meter, down 12% year on year;CO concentration was 1.8 mg/m3, down 30.77% year-on-year.The number of excellent days was 24, 5 days more than the same period last year, and the proportion of excellent days was 77.4%.Compaction responsibility, high push.Since this year, the Tangshan Municipal Party committee, the main leadership of the city government attaches great importance to, high-frequency dispatch, give full play to the function of the air pollution prevention and control leading group, as a whole the forces of all parties, together to promote the air pollution prevention and control work, the responsibility of the real pressure to the “last kilometer”.The city consists of 16 special classes, on-site supervision, urging the counties (cities, districts) “back ten” target responsibility implementation.We will coordinate the prevention and control of air pollution in autumn and winter and the protection of air quality during major events. We will work hard to prevent and control air pollution before the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics, strengthen control during the games, strengthen response to heavily polluted weather, minimize peak reduction and downgrade, and resolutely fulfill the task of ensuring air quality for major events.Focus on green transformation.Focusing on traditional industries such as iron and steel, Tangshan has promoted the action of “creating B, striving for A and promoting leadership”, and led the green transformation and upgrading of enterprises with the improvement of performance level.We will pay close attention to the innovation achievements of traditional industries such as steel and chemical industry, adhere to the innovation chain and closely link the industrial chain, deepen the transfer and application of scientific research achievements, foster more and more specialized enterprises in science and technology, and create emerging industrial clusters.Pollution reduction and carbon reduction, synergistic benefits.We will strictly implement the requirements for replacing coal with coal by reducing the quantity of coal, consolidate the achievements made in the program to reduce consumption of coal, reduce consumption of coal, and clean up coal, ensure clean and efficient use of coal, and resolutely curb the blind development of projects related to the consumption of high energy and environmental pollution.We will launch the “100, 10, 10, 10” campaign to save energy in key energy-using units, and realize at an early date a shift from “dual controls” on energy consumption to “dual controls” on total carbon emissions and carbon intensity.In the city’s iron and steel, coking, cement and other key industries, vigorously promote the replacement of new energy vehicles, the construction of “rail”, “water”, “pipeline corridor transportation”, “electricity and hydrogen energy heavy truck” four integrated emission reduction system.Focus on key areas and take targeted measures to combat pollution.We will take comprehensive measures to address the six pollution factors that affect the improvement of the comprehensive index in key regions, time periods, factors and problems, and make every effort to improve the quality of the air environment.We will take scientific and targeted measures to address the problem of high levels of pollution driving up pollution levels. We will strengthen differentiated management and control by region, time sharing and classification, and ensure that the goal of reducing pollution levels by 10 percent is achieved.Fight pollution with an iron fist and target it.Focusing on the “five precision” issues, time, region, object and measures, Tangshan city has established and improved the integrated linkage mechanism of monitoring, supervision and supervision, and continuously increased the efforts of morning and night inspections and surprise inspections.We will give full play to the role of smart platforms for environmental protection, implement science and technology in pollution control and targeted strikes, and severely crack down on illegal emissions such as excessive and unorganized discharge in accordance with the law.The municipal Bureau of Ecology and Environment and other three departments jointly supervised and carried out the supervision and inspection of the recurrence of loose coal, and strictly prevented the recurrence of loose coal.We will strictly implement dynamic adjustment based on performance rating, resolutely avoid “one size fits all”, and leave enterprises with high performance rating, strong law-abiding awareness, standardized management, and good law-abiding record undisturbed, creating conditions for high-quality development.Strengthen assessment and promote implementation.According to the ten backward target tasks, Tangshan city refined and decomposed the air quality improvement targets and total emissions of enterprises into each month and each factor, revised “Tangshan Environmental Air Quality Assessment and Reward and Punishment Accountability Method”, and carried out assessment and reward and punishment strictly in accordance with the target tasks.We will establish and improve the incentive mechanism for enterprises to promote environmental governance, guide them to implement green production methods, and strengthen their internal motivation to promote environmental governance.Pay attention to Hebei news network for the latest news in Hebei.