Xiangtan city housing accumulation fund modification loan repayment card number can brush face to do directly

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Xiangtan online April 7 (xiangtan daily reporters Et al Vivian) recently, the xiangtan city housing accumulation fund management center (hereinafter referred to as the “accumulation fund center”) to actively improve the comprehensive service platform system function, the payment card number on the phone’s accumulation fund App modified line column, a new construction bank, bank of huarong xiangjiang river both Banks.So far, provident fund center cooperation of 3 reimbursement banks, can realize online modification of reimbursement card number, and can directly brush face on the App.At present, xiangtan city housing provident fund total loans of nearly 39,000, due to a variety of reasons, only in 2021 to modify the repayment card number of business handling volume of nearly 1,000.Previously, only the industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) repayment card number could be changed on the App. Employees who have deposited funds need to go to the service window of the provident Fund center if they want to change the repayment card number of The Two banks, China Construction Bank and Huarong Xiangjiang Bank.After the system is fully functional, it is very convenient for employees to directly modify the repayment card number of any bank of INDUSTRIAL and Commercial Bank of China, China Construction Bank and Huarong Xiangjiang Bank on the mobile accumulation fund App if necessary.”After receiving the application for modifying the repayment card number from employees in the background of the mobile provident Fund App, we need to contact the bank to verify the relevant information and sign the contract to ensure the security of funds and accuracy of information, so there will be a certain delay.”Provident fund center relevant person in charge said.If the deposited employees need to modify the repayment card number, they can submit the application as far as possible before the 18th day of each month. If they need to speed up the approval, they can also call the service hotline at 58262550.In the next step, the Provident Fund Center will continue to improve the system functions of the online platform, and continuously introduce more measures for the convenience of people, so that employees can handle various businesses without leaving their homes.The copyright belongs to the original author, salute the original